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Uncoil the Coil

As we traverse along in our existence we may not have realized how our life force has become a wound up coil of our experience that is vastly contributing to the stress in our lives because we may not be aware that instead of letting go into our experience and relaxing we may have been involved in a unconscious conditioning of accumulating a massive pile of imbalances.  Once we realize that this has been the habitual ritual that we are living we might start to open ourselves to the self revealing of examining this energy.

In order for us to come to place of understanding of our everyday actions we need to awaken to our living as Awareness instead of the trappings of the echo zone which we have visited a few essays back.  This takes some letting go of our habitual rituals we can fall into daily.  If we want to live from self revealing we need to have connection with the present that can predominate habits.

By becoming and living from our recognition that at our more expanded Awareness we can see and realize that we are much more than our sensate existence.  As we progress through our experiential journey within and without, we are opening our vibrational frequency band to approach the synchronous that unity starts to transform our levels of interpretation of who we are and allow reality to show us the truth of being here.

This brings us to what exactly can propel us into the FLOW that we so often want in our practices and our life.  To reach a break over point we need to enter the realm of the Uncertain.  Uncertainty helps us to realize that our fixed emotional mentality that is our life conditioning is what can keep us from the present/Presence to bring forth a more “fluid FLOW of Awareness/Consciousness. 

A ground level for immersion is Principle practice that are expressed in a collective expression to allow us to “let go” of what the Reptilian brain upper body says is the only way to handle unpredictable, uncertain circumstances. This practice of becoming more centered in the parasympathetic system which is inclusive of the sympathetic opens our inner connection with the vagus nerve, allows more relaxation of the iliopsoas or psoas which are the major inner muscles connecting from the 12th cervical to the top of your femur thigh bone.

When these major connections are established so we can basically truly relax then there is a beginning to be more aware internally as unconscious tension from the sympathetic nervous system that was previously driving our whole existence is initiated into awakening to the awareness of now having a conscious choice as a response  instead of ego based reactions based in unconscious programming of no choice.

Because of the mechanistic nature of living in the past and being hypnotically thinking we are living in the present, when we are actually coming from a robotic action based in our life conditioning that we are mostly not a conscious participant since we are for the most part being told who we are and what we should be doing for the first 20 years of our life.  We need to start to become aware of our every moment actions and at least question how and where did our life stream come to where it is NOW.

Once we become more aware of our individual inner tension that is a by product of our unconscious programmed conditioning we have the opportunity to start to investigate why we do what we do and how that affects who we may have become.  This probing may start from the outside in, since most of our tension is not apparent to us and we can start by learning to relax and let go.  This approach can be facilitated by possibly being involved in yoga, tai chi, aikido, qi gong and meditation as these modalities all tend to have many useful programs that are involved in relaxing, calming down and can be useful for anyone but most helpful for people who are very wired and can’t seem to find their center of focus other than the outer world.

As the unwinding progresses and there are noticeable releases of over reacting to maybe just about anything in the environment and within ourselves we may come to a place of awakening that can be our first acknowledgement of being aware of these energies and actions that now introduce us to seeing what we have been up to in our lives and can be a restarting in fresh new cycles of interest and a further letting go of the habitual sympathetic tendency to be tense which allows us to change these actions because we feel differently because the life stream can now be guided by the neuroplasticity of a more open possibility.

The Arts of Aikido and Tai Chi can set a firm foundation in Principle which brings our focus of Attention to our whole body mind spirit in that the Principles distract one from their everyday habitual ritual into a more unified conscious participation that is focused on all levels of our existence that are beyond the ritual.  The benefits of these Arts are immense especially if one is stuck in their life participation in that they shake up the rigidity that is one’s hypnotic unconscious conditioning that translates into holding internal energy patterns that can hold one spellbound because the person does not know they exist internally.

The external controls the person until they are able to allow certain energy reactions to say, pass by without them falling into the action as normal.  We have a choice at this point of allowing Principle to set a new sail of our life energies into letting go of what was so compelling and unconscious to open to Uncoil the Coil and be more open to relaxing the Coil of tension that we think has been our life so we can traverse up the Spiral of Existence and Freedom.      Sincerely, Will Gable


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