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As we move beyond our conceptualization about our practice, we start to see whether we are growing in awareness consciousness and whether we are staying in this free condition or we are allowing ourselves to stagnate or to move with the flow of the understanding of ourselves in relation to emotions that may arise that we haven’t experienced before as this can bring one to a standstill.  Can we use our discipline of Aikido to  keep ourselves in ones vision of freedom so that we can stay non attached to an assumed structured outcome.

Through our practice we can see that from the view of zero point we have open, adaptable, options on how we are going to allow the power line that is presented to us to go where it wants to and find it’s own terminal solution.  If we try to make it go where we at our force level of expression want it to go we can definitely get in the way.  If we use force we need to see that it is a limited expression of what the ego thinks it wants to do or is “planning to do” which clearly takes us out of the potential higher flow of energy openess that allows us to stay relaxed, calm, centered with no more intent than to ride the wave to it’s own destination.

Once we can practice from zero point consistently when our practice has reached the point of being in the evolutionary flow since we are now practicing from consciousness/awareness as our practice, we have allowed ourselves to “trust the process”  totally and this opens us to expansive flow and interaction from which we start to allow the process to be what we are as conscious spiritual artistic expression.

Through this open, free, disposition we can easily see when we are leaning towards possibly getting in the way of allowing the interaction to “be as it is” and let it open us to what we have to learn from being open to the process as pure principle without force modifications, any insertions would only be to further the kuzushi and to keep the uke off balance so as to see where they will self destruct.  From our practice of this vision we have to trust that our movement is in the flow of the interaction so as to see how far we can go with only effortless power as our internal guide.

There is great power in being neutral as we can now move in simplicity and be highly effective without having to force change.  We now stand at the point of living from spiritual insight to move ourselves along the way of understanding where we are being able to see clearly where our spiritual nature has been guiding us all along.  To wake us from the unconscious complexity to the simple, from duality to nonduality where we are now being opened to move beyond our conceptualization of life to living from awareness.  I know this word has been bantered about in the last few decades so I will relate to it the best I can.

When we start to learn “about” a new subject or activity, we can either be adding this information to our ego/intellect as more prized knowledge and not take it any further or one is inspired by the activity/art and actually is transformed by the art.  Over the decades I have been involved with many fine artisans of many fields of expression, some were very mechanical and many were real artists who seemed to be constantly transcending themselves and learning from a distinctly different realm than just the “machinations” of their craft.

The intrinsic nature of their musings actually seemed to transform their lives and lift them to another level of what I term “Spiritual”, I was even with one friend who to my interpretation had painted a vision of his muse.  I actually named the painting for him, “Muse”, he really didn’t look at it that way at first but then was deeply touched by my insight.  This living expression of art to be able to open us to our spiritual power through awareness of other levels within ourselves is actually what my spirit wants to convey as an entry for us to practice our art from awareness and not just add it to our ego/intellect and the collection of techniques.

This perspective of adding it to our ego/intellect may bring about profound ability of a mechanical nature  but fall short of actually being able to awaken us to the essence of our practice.  Conceptualization of life is easy enough to do, we have a dictionary that is about two foot thick now and to live from the ego/intellect and define everything in life from words is common interaction for us.

As far as our practice of Aikido, this can be a fine line of interpretation and expression and like the zero point nexus we can awaken to the vertical if we haven’t limited our practice and life to the accumulation of information “about” what we are, and allow the intuitive to move us from spiritual connection to transcend ourselves so as to breath new realizations into our every move on the mat of life.

We can finally find our home in the Heart of Aikido and relax truly into the path of least resistance where we openly allow the essence to smooth out our concepts about anything and awaken to the Prescence of Love as our true originator.  This awareness is how we preserve one another we will say on the mat, any violation of this can be seen at once very clearly as not living from Life Essence which from the Universe is the source of everything.

The Universe is not outside of us, our lives are permeated thoroughly in its Essence,  we were born out of it’s expression of creative life potential, only our seeming confidence in what we think we know “about it” is separating us from what already is true source.   Trusting the process in Aikido to open us to the lessons we need to experience allows one to start their spiritual awakening, which will expose the emotional blocks, intellectual concepts and life programming that must be examined and transcended so we can gradually live our existence in the pristine levels of Spirit reality.  Thank you, Will Gable

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