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Be the Lighthouse Beacon of Peace

From the Universal Isness and the Lighthouse of Peace that is your True Nature that is now shimmering through the world, let this permeate your life and existence, not the wandering narrative that the world can try to sell you as to What IS.  Once you allow yourself to let go of the worldly wiring that is so technologically distracting, you can take a step back so to speak into the beyond which is always already the case, you may not have opened your self because you were too mentally distracted by numberless narratives, beliefs and dogmas that can hold your Attention for brief or prolonged time frames.

One of the base level arenas that needs to be promulgated is the linear and the vertical worlds that unless one at least begins to explore, we can stay in the world and be of it, but not know it when we are caught in the matrix and its echo chamber that seems to resound in our mind’s pre-occupancy with our remembered past and our imaginative future.  This can put us out of sync with what is present that we are ignoring because of the mind’s wandering through its echo chamber that is bouncing us around in what seems to be our realm of assumed reality based in our subjective projection about what we think is real.

Subjective projection can be perpetual in that one can be unconscious that they are totally thinking that what they are defining about anything is real.  Words, definitions and the mind’s meaning making machine is in constant motion whether one is aware of it or not and unless we start to become aware that this is our involvement no matter what you think you are conveying you won’t come to the realization that this is your creation in your mind’s echo chamber that keeps reverberating mostly from your past and is in no relationship to your present existence.

I have alluded to this in previous essays but unless one settles down to the crossroads of the linear and the vertical which is the zero point of consciousness it can be difficult to allow even any subtlety into their life so that one’s inner activity becomes much more accessible and there is a breakthrough of the Light of Awareness that starts to shine like a Lighthouse from which the psycho physical is but an emanation.

Once one is at this realization, again Transparency is now seeing through what was once something that seemed so obsessively distractive because one thought it was so real when it was an energetic blockage that could only be understood by the Light shining through it and not us spending our life crashing up against it and not letting it go and die on its on, it never was who or what we are.  We may or may not have learned important lessons from our involvement but we sure don’t need to sacrifice our whole existence to the temple of illusions.

We tend to hold on to these arenas emotionally, depression, shame, abuse just to name a few, and I am not saying they can’t have a strong hold on someone, but if we can gradually let go of whatever the stranglehold is and see that because we as spiritual humans have the capacity of neuroplasticity which is the ability that we use basically when we learn something new and if seeing that this can be applied to these issues that seem more complicated which they can be, that we can change through allowing the Transparency to come to the forefront to see for the most part they are energy fixations that can lock down our existence so that your Light nature of Innocence can’t shine through from the Clarity of Reality.

As was mentioned earlier, the echo chamber of our stories can keep us in the story line of our past and keep the repetition of doing the same thing over and over each day as our focus, nothing right or wrong in that, but, staying in that circle can become redundant and wear us down into that patterning only.

This is where we need to re-cognize and step beyond what seems so habitually alluring in that it becomes very comfortable.  I am not saying we have to become something extremely different, only that the Awareness that we can change if we want to, not having to stay in a condition that drains us of our life force.

When we come to the crossroads of the vertical and linear and can come to realize that we have come to a more clear, Transparent balance within ourselves we can open ourselves to let go and explore what it is that we have held onto for far too long to allow a penetration of insight into what we may have built our self image ID on and now we have the freedom to expand within.

This expansion is now a vibrational immersion into the beginnings of Peace, no longer in conflict with your energy frequency, seeing that you are an expression of life’s inherent love of Being as Flow and not as a constricted script which you probably didn’t have much conscious involvement in its creation.  We all go through this realization if we are deeply investigating what is Truth for us and consistently let go and allow our True Nature lead us back to the openended Beacon of revealing our path of being home.

Sincerely, Will Gable

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