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Reset your Preset

We may have come to the point of not considering that we can change our viewpoints, our life conditioning that determines our behaviors, and thus our life can continue on in a habitual profile that until we can actually become aware that we are presently living from an unexamined preset that we are mysteriously living out as our life expression.

Actually, this realization is a positive action and awakening that can help us allow new ideas, creativity, through the nuance of neuroplasticity or the ability to express subtle shadings, meaning, feeling to possibly allow our life values and abilities to evolve through a performance of now a newly acquired awakened pliability, inner elasticity that reflects into our life’s feeling and expression.

This new opening to our life source that we are swimming in is being communicated through our fascia that is the portal of source codes that open us to more connected dimensions of communication with higher frequencies that inform our brain to become more open and pliable and thus allowing us to reset ourselves from a more neurological flexibility that we might not of experienced before as we were running on a preset of thinking and behavioral conditioning that kept us in a narrow hallway of functioning. 

This allows us to open ourselves to higher levels of intuitions, vibrations, and possibilities of upgrading our overall frequency to a more Source based informational input that can allow us to see what our preset was not allowing us to see and to become more accessible to change through neuroplasticity so we can see the benefits of not being locked into one realm only.

I previously wrote the essay, Aikido, Neuroplasticity of Being which was referencing some of my ability to change through the practice of Principle by focusing we will say outside of what we view as normal and allowing my presets over the decades to be transformed by the realm of neuroplasticity which wasn’t an efforting on my part, but was a slow progression into seeing through conditional conditioning of giving up energy fixations that were held more intensely as priority and were transformed by Transparency.

The Transparency seems to be a higher level function of neuroplasticity in that as the energy fixations, whatever they are seem  to melt away and not have the previous influence of importance.  As I wrote in Principle transcends Ego, we are seeing that the preset dimension is based in the ego mind and that can easily meld into what has been called the Monkey Mind or lower dimensional existence in that it is only concentrating on mainly survival aspects, not that the intellect doesn’t have its proper place for our purposes here on earth.  Its just that it can become locked into its own perspective of relevance and stay there for life.

In practicing Art, there are many aspects of oneself that need be surrendered in order for one to reach fundamental and excellent realms of even understanding what you want to express in your creativity.  The ability to let go basically on a continuous moment to moment release into the NOW feeds spontaneity and aliveness that is the wellspring of inspiration which is far away from the lock down of any preset and is the precursor of FLOW.

One of, if not the key to living in this open ended, formless state is Awareness of ourselves on a personal basis, an environmental awareness and Awareness that we are a point of Pure Free Awareness.  This state frees us from the world of over involvement of duality that can help us be informed of maybe our present situation on a conceptual basis, but in the long run can be an obstruction to a higher connection with other dimensional frequencies.

We can become over immersed in the world of words, definitions and concepts that have our Free Attention Awareness held captive.  When we realize this is our predominant disposition, Awareness is being realized because as the Free Mirror that all that is being reflected into and this can be the awakening that this has been our distraction of being in the world and being of it.   Through awakening to Awareness as our native condition we are in the world but “not of it” in letting go of our subjective projection of defining it.

The preset becomes reset with the coding of life as it is from natural frequencies that are available once the dial has been shifted by the Infinite attunement that is no longer being distorted by the noise of the lower level vibrations of the world and Being comes forth as one’s shining Nature.

Sincerely, Will Gable




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