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Spiritual Realignment with Universal Isness

The transparency that becomes apparent when one can see through their obsessions with conditional existence reveals the tendency to think your life conditioning is your only life track and possibly the number of people who never consider any change in this script which they created is a mind numbing involvement in redundant habit.

For some behavioral trance the human mind is highly resistant to change, which has been shown to increase stress and disease.  Considering that we need to more deeply entrench in our ego mind to actually function here we never see any value in becoming more aware of what is actually going on within us and if there is any way to  see our existence from a more vast perspective.

Once we experience an alternative opening to our daily routines we can start to let go of the embedded conditional energies that seem so familiar we can delight in what freedom may actually mean and that it is at access if we can keep from closing the door to the Universal Isness portal.   This is where the unborn or more innocent light of our nature is being revealed which has been shadowed by this world of distraction in the darkness of form.

To begin to see through this cloak of illusion is liberating as we start to spiritually align with our True Home of the Universal Absolute that has no form but encompasses All in its loving embrace of silent support from the Heart of the Divine Truth.  Since this is not an object the human mind brain hasn’t been able to decipher what is upholding our existence because of its entrancement with one narrow bandwidth in the light spectrum.  The real observation is where did the spectrum come from?  

In making this gesture of inquiry we can only succumb to the Infinite Unknown that we have been existing in and with as has the whole of expressed life in whatever form it is appearing as in each moment.  This returns us to a fundamental realignment of our Inherent Innocence of our True Nature which doesn’t have a lock down on anything in particular but has always been vastly open to whatever IS which is undefinable and be seen as an expression of spontaneous life creation and that same creative, spontaneous out picturing seems to inspire the intrinsic fabric of Nature.

The Freedom we seem to be seeking in whatever endeavor is the unlocking and transcendence of this lock down of the finite ego mind and its seeking, wandering in a sensory disposition that is holding Attention in its grip and is unresolved that it has solutions or answers to being here and has unrelenting resistance to lovingly let go into the Infinite Universal Isness that seems to always show up as what we would call miracles because in a much greater allowing they are always in verse with the Harmony of the Universe and not the language of the finite interpretation that words, definitions and meaning seem to want to relegate such events.

This is why we need to Free our Attention, Awareness and Consciousness from the wiring of this world to see that we have always been breathing from Divine Nature which is not so common of an understanding because it has been obscured by an alignment with this trance and not the Peace of Not Knowing and yet finding solace in that Understanding that that is the only way we can stop searching and drop the quest for the worldly knowledge which is one of the main distractions from this Realization.

Realized Isness is an overwhelming Beauty because we are Free in our Pure Attention that the Present is the exit to the torment of the mind and its wandering limitations in its searching, seeking in not opening to the Truth of Existence and let go into the Beyond which has no definitions or descriptions yet can be Realized which is what the mind seems to not see or value.

It seems that the human mind tends to think when it comes to a point of what it thinks is the ultimate knowledge that that is as far as it will go.  Once we can step into the realm of realization, the search for knowledge in this world seems to stop, information is good in its practical sense and application but this is not the same as a continuous realization coming from a completely different source.  We are tapped into a realm of vibration and frequency that is coming from a well of inspiration, wisdom energy that is not learned in the academic sense.

The ability to listen from the intuitive silence of Universal Isness allows us open ourselves to a spontaneous inflow of transparent clarity that sees through what is only surface level living and pulls away the veil of this habitual distraction of the supposed importance of the everyday existence to realign us with the Infinite and its language of Understanding, not acquired from the external, but received through the portal that has no closing.

Sincerely, Will Gable

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