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JOIN US WITH OUR GROWING PRACTITIONERS OF TAIHO JUTSU AT THE HIKARI AIKIDO DOJO, 495-8128/921-6457/ 122nd and N.may, in North Park  Mall, in the Obvious Group training center. South end of the mall.

Sensei Karl E. Geis Judo 10th Dan Presentation in Houston, Texas


This is one of the last pictures I was happy to be in

with Sensei Karl Geis, Brother Dan Martin and Me.














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Presence IS non resistance to Infinity

One of the main indications of living from Spirit is if you are living from Presence Awareness each moment, clearly responding to each situation from spontaneity instead of the knee jerk reaction of the unexamined unconscious, being openended, instead of the lapsing into the default of your conditioned history and memory.  For Presence to be what and who you are, you have to reconcile duality or polarity and to transcend the potential conflict of duality as it seems to arise.

To stay on the edge of the tendency to get caught up in the seeming intensity of each experiential moment.  To not get caught up in one side of the polarity and be unconscious that you are living from that perspective, to live from knowingness and Being Awareness.

The openendedness necessary enough for Inner Space to be contacted needs to be consistent and not shut down because when True Inner Space is allowed, you are allowing VULNERABILITY to step in and there can be possible anxiety because the self image at the personality level is being shook probably harder than ever, but if you have little resistance you are allowing the Freedom of Space to start showing the way past the contractedness that is running your life.

The contraction of the self image that reflects itself outward is the personality which is how people seem to show themselves as a self representation that they tend to live through in their daily lives.  Unless this representation is questioned as the person’s ID, the person will probably never go beyond it because they believe it is them, they are so close to it as themselves and it seems to be a constant.

As long as we are of the mind set of separation from existence and are not flowing with the Presence as our Nature we will continue to live from the past and imaging the future as our way of referencing existence and may never open our Hearts to our Eternal Divine NOW Nature that is our Truth.

As the contraction of the ego/mind is gradually relaxed and seen through with its falsehoods to the core of Truth, the Presence of Existence in its Pristine Innocence becomes increasingly apparent and we see we have been obscuring this Presence in our selves with our own activity as distraction from Reality.

As this Clarity becomes the eyes of our Heart, we can no longer hold any concept, thought, or image above the Direct Seeing of Reality as Reality.  There are no other images before Reality obstructing the State of Reality, inclusive of who you thought you were that has NOW been absorbed into the Presence which is NOW non resistance to INFINITY.

Presence IS and it is the greater MIRROR of REALITY than one’s narcisstic reflection based in the entrapment in the mind/body and believing that one’s habitual life and thoughts and philosophical perspectives are the true reflection of EXISTENCE as IT IS.  The ease of Reality as it is, exposes all agendas to avoid it by trying to label, define and relegate Truth to a convenient box of the mind’s intellectual wording.  Being the transparency through which all IS experienced, undermines and dissolves anything that enters the Reality of REAL.

Divine Intelligence shines as it is only itself with no definitions, descriptions and no need for ANYTHING, it is the Source that supports and yet flows through ALL as ITSELF as Pure Awareness.

Thank you, Will Gable

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