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In our attempt to step into the world of our true ME, we have to awaken to who and what we truly are.  If we do not retrieve our ME from the confusion of existence we will not step into the true Unknown.

The true Unknown is not really aware of the world that seems so apparent to everyone.  The transcendent is a transparency that is so natural and is self contained in that it is just itself with no obstructions or definitions, pure isness

We do seem to be overly attached to the objects in the world no matter what shape they are.  This, in itself is a major distraction seeing as most everyone is totally exteriorized with their ATTENTION.  This is one reason meditation has become a major way to bring ones ATTENTION to their inner life.  It can shut off the seeming exterior so the ATTENTION can take a rest from the linear consensus reality of the objective distraction that can consume it.

If we never see through ourselves transparently, then the survival mechanisms of the ego/mind have us entrenched in its myopic focus of basically staying alive on the planet, food, sex and money dominate our daily regimen.

If we can step back so to speak and simply see that we can see ourselves involved in the gesture of activity, then we may start to see that we are part of the environment and we are a Free Witness Awareness that is not, nor has it ever been separate from anything.

It is just that nature in her tenacity of support to be the strongest one can be, has out done itself and the organism has become numero uno, and that is the illusion that keeps one’s consciousness/awareness contracted and consumed.

You, as Free Witness Awareness can flow with anything, no attachment, this does not mean we are not responsible and accountable, we have brought ourselves through the unconscious and awakened to our Soul that is being realized as our True Nature.

The journey was not external, there is no external, only linear consensus reality, living in time and space and accepting it with no question as to if that is all there is to existence or not.  Self survival and existence as it is aren’t the same thing.

This is what our conceptualization of objects has distracted us to believe until we start seeing that we actually created the concepts and adopted the meanings that are assumed to be the objects because of believing in the separation that we seem to be living as one’s existence.

For example, you invent a new product that no one has seen and invent a name for it, this is fairly common, but no one really sees that the concept is a word meaning that you invent in your mind, that concept is not the same as the physical product, it is just a way of identifying it so the mind can categorize it and control it, and we can use in common agreement, but that doesn’t make it the product as it is.

Once we notice that this is a consistent action that seems to come from who we think we are, we can start to see ourselves being involved in the expression, but now we are beginning to awaken to this very gesture and see that we have been living from this conditioned operating system that we don’t really know is running our lives.

To consider that we have been led along by this string of thoughts and emotions and think that that is all we are without inquiry should shake us up, because now we can see that we have been creating this operating system and assuming that it is reality, we have projected perceptions, assumptions and conceptual labels that we have all agreed upon as the way it is.

So to get beyond this habit of assuming this function is reality, we have to let go of the known and open ourselves to the unknown and this demands we really hone in on “where is your ATTENTION?”  If we do not gather our AWARENESS ATTENTION from the distractions of the what seems to be the outer world of FORMS we will remain its unconscious prisoner.

In gathering our ATTENTION we have opened ourselves to our Presence which is awakening to our true connection with our true nature which is to step into the Unknown and not have to know oneself as an object, but only IS that is our creative, spontaneous source that is beyond definition, but is the source of our Soul or our True Me.

Thank you, Will Gable




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