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As I have stated in”infinity/embodied spirituality” we can’t seem to move on in our awakening until we have seen through ourselves and the distractions that have come from mental/emotional distortions that seem to be the definition that we have labelled ourselves with as our identity.  They seem to be reinforced by others in society that are doing their dance with their distractions to the point that we have created the world around heresay, assumptions and interpretations that are based mainly in our conceptual models of what we think we see.

So, why have we become so distracted?  Life has us distracted with its many mysteries and our seemingly infinite attempt to find “the answer”!  This search keeps us moving down the numerous paths to find a greater understanding and if we aren’t doing that, we are satisfied with where we have planed off in life and will go not further.

The more we tend to look to the exterior for answers, we move further away from ourselves which, if we are going to awaken to our Source, we need to move to what we can call our interior or consciousness at the level of who and what we truly are, using our honest, open ended contemplation to get to the truth of any mental emotional distortions that have become the gap or duality so we are entranced by it and don’t know we are living as if it is part of our Identity.

To live the trance dance of distortion and disfunctional states for one’s whole life seems to be what a lot of people do in habitually circling through the gutters of emotions as anger, guilt, shame and blame and assuming unconsciously that is their real condition when somewhere along the way on their linear existence they have got stuck in the emotional debris of reacting the same way over and over again, call it the “way that I am” and will defend this behaviour most of their life even if it kills them from contraction of life spirit.

I personally know people who are so deeply involved with their drama to the point of hemorrhaging and have almost died.  Their emotional habit patterns have completely overwhelmed their life where they have no consciousness as to who and what they are, they just unconsciously, consistently, react to anything and everything because the drama somewhat is keeping them going so they can stave off their boredom.

If one can see that they are the creator of this drama story line from any sense of Awareness they might have a chance to see,  through contemplation of these supposed issues and get to the bottom line of the truth to possibly get to an open ended space where the issue, emotional drama can be seen with some clarity so they can start living without it anymore in their life and one can feel some relief and be a little more authentic.

Unconscious reaction to anything allows no consciousness to come into play and therefore will keep one asleep thinking they are really alive because they have the right to scream, get angry and most of the time blame others for situations that have arisen even though the other had nothing to do with it, in other words, projection, the easiest way of having no accountability, denial.

Clarity, or seeing through ourselves transparently, allows us Spiritual insight that serves us in freeing us from the potential mental/emotional aberrations discussed in the previous paragraphs.  To take an issue to its very core and observe the structure of it and find our fixation that is involved in it so that we can undermine its hold on our psyche so that it can dissolve from its origin, resistance to “what is” and holding onto it like it is who and what we are.

In our practice of Aikido, we practice from the principles of non resistance, non conflict, and non harm in relation to “what is” or to stay in Presence and practice flowing with the energy of the interaction from our centered inner Presence  to accept the present moment, again, from “embodied spirituality”.

This translates into our daily experience in which we can have insight into our inner actions on a consistent basis instead of the regular thinking and mostly emotional reactions that come from possibly long term habits that we already discussed above that keep one sedated in their conditioning that they have never investigated through contemplation.

From our place as Awareness/Consciousness we are our shining Presence that is who we are as no obstruction radiating as the One Intensity that is our nature as the Infinite Oneness in which all seems to arise, emerge  and is constantly re absorbed in the non concern of the all embracing Love Source that upholds all with its gentle, All Knowing Truth.  Thank you,

Will Gable

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