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Allowing ourselves to practice as a whole expression of our multi dimensional being is a way for our Prescence to be realized and lived as the doorway to the true NOW.  If we live as if the NOW is between the past and the future, we are still living in and on linear consensus reality and think because we are being mindful we have awakened to the transcendent and vertical NOW.

Mindfulness is being aware of what possibly is in front of us, being awakened to Prescence serves just that function, not trying to be aware of objects, knowing one has moved beyond linear consensus reality one does not see reality from being separate anymore.  One is absorbed into the greater field of ever expanding consciousness/awareness of Being one with our True Nature.

The continual defining of life and the entrancement that it elicits keeps one from letting go into the freedom of non-attachment.  One can move beyond the circle that their life may have become, to feel oneself being meditated by the greater source.  Our lives can stay in the circle of habits, emotional attachments, and any conditioning that we have become accustomed to as defining our life and not recognize the evolving spiralic unification field that we emerge from in each moment.

Our practice of Randori allows us to move beyond the struggle with ourselves and the presumed other we are practicing with and realise we are truly one from the same source as is all created life.  As long as we are struggling trying to make things happen we will stay in that circle of assumptions and not see that unless we let go into the NOW we will not let go of our fears of the unknown, what might happen if we step out onto the world of vulnerability and truly be living in and from Prescence.  Then we truly live our humility for we have nothing to hide and know we only live from the greater Source.

The outer game dissolves, it was only held together by not stepping into the fear and the unknown to see through ourselves transparently.  Through Randori and the simplicity of transcending victory and defeat, the duality game of the tao, we start to now exist through pure existence not the filtered reactionary, fearful, ego which served us blindly but now has to allow Source to live as it is, through its own directness and clarity as our Real Self.

Everything we have learned from our Aikido practice is synthesized and brought to dynamic life through our practice of Randori, or to hold chaos.  We can truly learn how to move with life’s flow and meet many levels of creative, artistic expression not only in the martial sense, but awakening our spiritual life from our essence.  Our Soul makes contact with purpose from the transcendent One.  All of our practice and work we have devoted to our art is culminated in realizing the NOW and the freedom from the life of the mind that imprisons most of the planet.

If we stay awake to open ended Spiritual Prescence, NOW is always accessible, there is no where else to go, we move into our inner life of evolutionary contact with the eternal Spirit that is our Source and lives us as our Beingness.  We can now see our life transparently as contact where we, as the human side, has reached the limit of the known and where we must let go into the unknown if we are to make true contact with essence.

We have moved beyond merely conceptualizing “about” existence and are now lived by existence freedom purely.  Letting go of our possible addiction to have an “image” in the mind to think we are alive frees us from the reductionist viewpoint of linear consensus reality which allows us to start seeing through the eclipse of beliefs, conditionings, concepts that have shadowed our life obstructing our original, inner Spiritual Light Source Nature inherently flowing from the Heart of IAM.  Thank you, Will Gable

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