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Living here on space ship earth we tend to assume what we view as the sky as where we end and infinity begins.  We also assume the sun “comes up in the morning” and yet a lot of these assumptions are just that, we assume, we don’t investigate.  We are basically walking on nothing as the earth spins in the sky and the sky cannot even be verified, again, we are defining things we experience in existence with words and definitions that attempt to describe them within ourselves or others so we can communicate about what we think is happening.

Letting go of this tendency, we may start to see things, “as they are” without our layering them with labels, words and definitions which allows us to step out of the control panel that we have created to try and make sense and meaning out of our existence.  Once we can live from the clarity that this reveals we realize that we have been trying to hypothesize  and conceptualize our lives as mentioned in
“Cracking the Cosmic Eggo” and not seeing it for what it is.

At this point we can start to see through our habitual attempts  to maintain control of our existence from the control panel of survival and the agendas that are effected from our unconscious dependencies  on our primal nature.  When one’s attention is turned back on itself to become Aware of Awareness then we can start to free ourselves from the mind and its sometimes insane trap of obsessiveness with having to keep up with and know everything.  We can merge into Not Knowing and feel the Peace of Being without having to think about anything.

Awareness and Being are the keys to our Freedom of our Spirit to the dooway of the Divine which our Creator Self which is in our Heart. (He Art)  Consciousness of our True Self at the core of our Being, as the Heart of One’s true Light.   “We feel through our Soul, the gift of Spirit we must not lose, the Creator meant it to be, because through this great or small place in us, LOVE FLOWS.”  @Awakening 1974 Will Gable

Touching Infinity for a moment is enough to transform one’s life beyond any ambition or vision.  It opens our Heart to the call of the Unknown, and yet that is truly our REAL HOME.  The REAL absorbs anything that seems to be brought before it in the Light of Reality.  Existence is as it is and always will be and these are only fragmented attempts to describe the FREEDOM AND JOY that LIVE AS THE ISNESS OF IS.

“The chief concern of most men is mainly the game of life they are playing, if they would only stop the game and see the REALITY of life everyday, the full realization of BEING would be exposed and then life wouldn’t have to be won, but KNOWN.”  @Awakening 1974  Will Gable

These are brief writings that came out of my SOUL AWAKENING in the early 70″s, my journey then became searching for a platform that Spiritually could lead others  to their own awakening.  I found that Principled basis in the art of Aikido.  Aikido has all the elements for practitioners to awaken to their Spiritual Self.

Aikido is based in resolving conflict through the understanding of using the power of Universal Principles instead of using force on force muscle approach.  We stay in constant motion in relation to the force that is coming towards us in order to stay in flow with what is being presented, whether it be a physical, emotional or mental attack.  We stay in open ended Awareness being able to access multiple ways of dealing with the what is arising in the moment so as to not let our mind/adrenaline get fixed on any one aspect of the situation.

Through our practice of resolving conflict we are actually dealing with transcending duality in a fully embodied approach.  You can sit in meditation for years and think you have transcended your own resistances until you step on to the mat practicing Aikido, this will open you to whether or not you have fully moved into non resistance in your existence because this is “fully embodied spirituality”, based in total movement in and as Wholeness, not just sitting quietly in contemplation, Aikido demands your Whole embodiment and involvement.

I know people who meditate constantly, and I am not down playing meditation,  but when faced with situations of potential conflict have no stability,  groundedness, or centering and usually come out with often bizarre emotional expression, even violence,  because they don’t deal with themselves or others face to face and be trustworthy in their moment to moment INNER ACTIONS.  Aikido allows us to grow gradually to where we can deal with ourselves in relation to others wholistically to where we see through our ego mechanisms transparently, that have been unconscious and that sets us up for resistance in most instances.

Aikido opens you up to see your resistances of your ego/mind, helps you to see it clearly so your total self can clear it from your unconscious.  If you never have to deal with these unseen elements of ones self, they keep influencing you in ways that you don’t understand unless they can be dismantled through the practice of non-resistance, transparency and to be able to let go of the energy of the unconscious resistance that you think is real.

Our True Nature is “embodied spirituality”.  We have transcended our ego/mind so as to awaken to the Freedom of living  as the Spirit Self which has always lived as the Essential Nature of the body/mind,  but the myopic fragments of emotional/mental distortions became distractions and created a barrier of duality between consciousness and the Truth of the Light of our Infinite Nature.

Only the ignorance thought of as knowledge, mental ego knowledge, in the form of language, created the world.  As was stated earlier in this article, we tend to live through words, definitions and meanings that mainly we have learned from others, this is our assumption and distraction that concept is reality.

Clearing the body/mind of the landmines of distraction truly opens one to the “body is the temple of the wholly spirit”.  Cleansed and clarified by Spiritual Fire we move into the simplicity of accessing the Truth in each moment, shining as our Authentic Presence.

Sincerely, Will Gable

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