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Your Intelligence from Insight, Intuition Energy

As we open ourselves to the formlessness and openendedness of our Spiritual Intuition, we are transcending our ego mind intellect as our modus operandi and how we have been approaching our life experience and existence.  This allows us to step out of our survival reptilian brain hardware and start to live our life from our source energy which starts opening us to living more intuitively spontaneous instead of always trying to access our memory all the time which is pretty much based on the past and not on the present or our pure intelligence.

One of the main reasons for the shift is that we have for so long only relied on the information of the past which is not really accessing the present in a more intuitive alive manner.  This requires a rewiring in the nervous system which isn’t caught up in mainly the reactive and most of the time over reactive behavior which is more based in the unconscious because it isn’t present and or living from the Conscious Presence.  The mind cannot access the present, it only deals with the past, one of the only ways to start living in the present is to start to let go of whatever arises that seems to be taking over our Free Pure Attention.

This letting go approach starts to clean out the memory banks that are obstructing your attention from seeing with Clarity.  The mind tends to go through its shuffling and re shuffling information about the past that it thinks is necessary for the mind and intellect to apply from the past banks of information.  You may catch yourself viewing information about something you may not have thought about for decades, it is like a bit in a computer and I am not saying we are computers, but the mind can be held in abeyance so you can start to be free of its redundant function by not giving it your energy and attention.

The mind is online and can keep your attention and energy tied up in its constant onslaught of distraction in thinking that whatever it brings into view, so to speak, is important even though what has come into your mind may just be the mind in its constant rehash of the past.  When we do something else, in this case, say we are involved in meditation, aikido, among other choices, to do something that is based in something the mind has never been involved in, this allows us to start the process of the reset of our energy that is not something we are habituated to.

I have discussed this in some of the essays on this site, Principle transcends ego, silence stillness, which have pointed to not allowing your mind to be the focus of your whole existence.  Since we need to have ourselves be distracted by what we are habitually attracted to, we can open ourselves to a greater consideration of how we see ourselves and our existence through reflecting on what we seem to be obsessively involved in each moment.

We have now distracted the seeming trance that we were involved with in our habituated life so we can step beyond this involvement that is our life and let go of it long enough to break free of our attachment to it.  This  can take many years, and yet we can’t transcend the mind with the mind, another process needs to come into play, we need to allow Awareness to be how we see so as to acknowledge we can now start to see what we are and have been doing up to this point.

This is a very important place because we are now opening ourselves to be more a consciously presence intelligence that approaches their life from a newly acquired insightful intuition as our guiding principle instead of past conditioning, memory and the ego intellect.  As this becomes more prevalent in a spontaneous energy approach we notice more of a flow to our existence instead of the linear, partitioned mentality that seemed to be so real.

If we can see that what we have been doing is based in a separation approach then we can possibly see that we are more Awareness than just mental, this takes some time to open ourselves to this different way of living our life.  Trust becomes more into play, not just relying on the sea of information that we see on a daily basis.  As Awareness becomes a living aspect of our life we notice new insight which can spawn a greater intuitive Clarity consistently.

This consistency leads us to coming into contact with a new level of intelligence that has always been with us but has been blocked by the ego intellect in its dominance of acquiring new information from the outside which has its basis in insecurity and safety, nothing necessarily right or wrong with this function, but it has smothered other levels of consciousness in that those aspects of existence were given somewhat the only priorities that mattered.

As we start to exist more as a Conscious Presence we are now accessing the stillness of the our Spiritual side, not being caught up in the world, knowing that we have always had this connection but it seemed to only come into play at random or inspired moments that may have been hard to hold onto.  In realizing this we become aware that the seeming world is transparent as we become more awake to the truth of our existence.  This transparency reveals our true condition, again, one of innocence, but more so we are seeing ourselves as a clear mirror that sees through the supposed solidity of the life condition and frees us in its Isness/Oneness as Peace, resolving many levels of conflict that seemed so real.

Once we allow ourselves to let go of the myriad realms of forms, what distracts us, no matter what it is, emotions, thoughts, the outer world so that we can see that when we let go of whatever is arising in the moment, we can see through it and be free of it because it has been some image that is floating around in the brain/mind and now is being exposed to consciousness/awareness and is burned up by letting it go because it was never real in the first place, only a perception that emerged as a feeling, emotion or thought.

Perceptions are just that, a seeming real event which in most situations is just more of the same of the mind as it organizes and reorganizes these concepts in its rudimentary, base function of keeping the perception as information in its place. People tend to think their perceptions are reality when they are just part of the passing phenomenon whether external or internal.

Although, we tend to think what we remember about any experience as being the way it really happened even though that probably was just a perception based on how we recorded it, could have been totally distorted because of us wanting to see it through our own filters of emotion and thought.

This is why a lot of what distracts us needs to be seen for what it is and let go, it allows our awareness and consciousness to experience more freedom, creativity and cleans out what is mainly, unreality for us as individuals.  I know this can be unacceptable to people, but the habitual familiarity of one’s life conditioning and its addictive quality as all we can base our existence keeps most of us in its clutches because its hard for us to be free of something we don’t see ourselves doing.

We can look at it as how we can become concretized in feeling, emotion and thought and never consider letting go of some or all aspects of an experiential perception about something we are totally convinced is true or not true about ourselves.  Most of it is a story we assumed was real and this is how it happened and this is the way we are based on that story.

Seeing through whatever story seems to be predominant from the viewpoint of insight and intuition can help you to clean up your pathway to have a more functional core intelligence, not intellectual, because a lot of the perceptual obstructions are being undermined and cleared so you are not being weighted down with unconscious assumptions about what happened which for most determines who they are and their reality. 

Sincerely, Will Gable


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