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Is Space an expression of ISness

Are we just caught up in all the objects in the world and missing what is truly the support and all pervading expression of Source?  As I have stated in the previous essay, Space is Peace that seems to go on to Infinitum.  We tend to overlook the most poignant, in our face indicators of Universal Principles because they are usually the most simple.

We are constantly permeated by the Universe, this reality seems to escape the ego/mind and its constant attempt to organize, plan and direct our lives with its almost inescapable clutch on our attention and awareness.  We seem so distracted by its incessant drive to focus on survival and life which keeps us at a low level of awareness to the higher level information that is always right in front of us.

All the planets and stars seem to be hanging in this same Space which seems to indicate that it could possibly be a support even though we perceive it as something we would fall into and not be supported.  My view of this is that we are moving through space continuously and only what we call gravity seems to hold us to the planet, otherwise, Freeflight.

The ego/mind wants the security and solidity of the physical, this keeps our Identification with the body mind and as long as we want this connection to be the only ID point of Existence we tend to stay entrenched in mind and not able to allow internal Space to  actually free us of our internal conditioning and attachments.  We cannot become more Aware if we do not let go of the conceptual machine and see that Space provides the opening for Awakening.

Our ID stays where it is unless we move into internal Space and be able to see Where we think we are and how identified we are to What we think we are so we may actually see Who we are.  But only when we can “step back or step away” long enough to loosen the grips of attention in our Silent Stillness can we let go into the Freeing Space of ISness.

We are virtually breathing space, we can’t really touch air or oxygen and Space seems to be a constant support for all the functions we rely on to move freely and live our lives.  Space can be looked at as an expression of Isness, or Oneness, and as Awareness that we tend to take for granted.

The openendedness necessary enough for Inner Space to be contacted needs to be consistent and not shut down because when True Inner Space is allowed, you can get very dizzy and there can be possible anxiety because the self image at the personality level is being shook probably harder than ever but if you do not resist this you are allowing your contraction which is your self image and your personality to breath the Freedom of Space.

The training we pursue in Aikido allows us to open ourselves to our Internal Space, we are not competing which obviously sets up resistance instead of flowing with the energy when we slow down so we can actually see and have great sensitivity to what we are involved in, in the moment.

This is a large part of how we are able to Realize a Real Center, not just the Hara but our greater Spiritual Center of Awareness/Consciousness that can awaken when we turn our Attention to Inner Attention so it realizes itself as Free, All One, not attached to any thing.

In constantly relaxing in the inner action we are contacting Inner Space, letting go of our ego/minds incessant desire to control the seeming outer action.  This is the realm of having epiphanies and Satori while involved in the practice, this is part of the reason Aikido is defined as Zen Moving Meditation, there is actually Silence Stillness while in dynamic action.

Thank you, Will Gable


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