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The River of Transparent Reality

As we practice in our formless and open ended perspective where we are not attacking the individual from our mutual participation,  but are now floating in a river of transparency because we have allowed ourselves to accept whatever is offered as our way of neutralizing and reading the person’s total disposition so as to allow them to put themselves in a constant state of disequilibrium so we don’t have to over effort on our part because we have become one transparent nervous system.

The disequilibrium in their energetic nervous system is now turned against itself because their inner systems are out of balance and they have shifted from a conscious intent to a subconscious chaos and this tends to be depicted as tension which is easy to read since we have been very relaxed from the onset of the energy input on their part.

In allowing our disposition to be further internalized through our inquiry as to how we are relating to their world of tension and chaos we are being informed from the inside, the internal, as we discussed in the last essay so we are able to lighten up and let go further into our internal understanding.  This is a big part of our growth in listening or being aware and living from awareness instead of trying to figure out what we are doing or should be doing with just our ego intellect which is much slower in processing than our insight and intuition.

Now, we have shifted to a more inclusive interpretation of the balance of energies we are experiencing and are starting to maintain our own internal equilibrium no matter what experience seems to be in front of us which is based in our Equanimity.  This opens up a level of fluid transparency so we can see the impermanence that the flow of experience is attempting to reveal to us with a comparison we will say of the solid fixity that most of us live our lives from in trying to control everything in our existence.

We are allowing ourselves to be more than a fixed idea of conditioning that we may have never examined but now we are questioning whether our assumed definition of ourselves is really who we are.  We have discussed this in previous writings here, but coming to a point of free attention beyond the way “things have always been” we can now learn from and flow more into the Unknown,  which is accessible only when we can listen to our inner knower which isn’t locked down to anything, just your Free Spirit which is a lighthouse of open ended attention, and has levels of subtle discernment that isn’t available from the conditioned mind.

The more we step into Unknown, the more we can access the flow of the Eternal, we have taken our practice and discipline of Principle to where we have trusted Principle to function alongside our inner knower in the sense that Principle has allowed us to transcend many levels of our contractions and fixity in awareness and consciousness and see that as only something we unconsciously depended on from our conditioned life.  

This one intensity of life force transparency that now reveals what is not so stable and fixed opens us to the fire of consciousness that when touched can burn up all our seeming obstructions that we have held onto in the form of memories, experiences that seem so clinging and obscure our ability to see our existence from Clarity to further trust the Unknown which is where everything is flowing from anyway.

As we allow Transparency to become our connection with Freedom and Clarity we continually keep the mirror of consciousness clear in each moment of existence.  If any form or thought comes into mind it is immediately seen through and let go.   This approach may take a while to come to fruition, our attention must be kept clear in any moment so that this method will culminate into how we are living our daily existence, staying aware of what is “distracting” our attention from staying in Conscious Presence in Consciousness which is the ground of being simply present no matter what seems to be arising externally or internally, Let it go!

Not attached and allowing the transparency to reveal and penetrate what seems to be so real only to have it dissipate in light energy which is its source to keep your mirror clean and unobstructed with habit and fixity “about existence.” The mirror metaphor is only that, it is not a thing, useful, but only to help you establish the break over where you become more open to the Unknown and helps to establish your Presence in Consciousness as your Free Spirit connection.

Because Presence is an open door to Being we now can let go of the world of distractions that the ego mind is addicted to because of its sympathetic nervous system orientation and its animal nature that keep our Attention in the world of survival and movement oriented to the senses.  The River is always flowing, to wake up to this realization brings to the point of stepping through the two way mirror of the transparent in that we have given up our past to awaken to our True Sun Nature that the Eternal is always emanating.

Sincerely, Will Gable


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