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In our martial traditions we have encountered many ways of structuring the arts we are studying, kata, techniques, promotional belt systems and they have seemingly gave us different paths to the same realizations. They may not look the same but the disciplines, principles and awakenings have allowed us to wake up to our common humanity in that we may in the beginning see ourselves and others as separate, but as we temper our body/mind/center we have entered the realm of the Spirit Essence that is our true connection not only with our Art but with the essential Heart of our Existence.

The Heart is our doorway to our True Freedom since it is the inclusive support to everything and everyone we can rest in its Love.  This frees us from the contraction of our ego mind conditioning whether conscious or unconscious.  We can awaken to seeing through all the levels that unknowingly have held us in their trance.  We can see that we may have started our martial journey from levels of insecurity, revenge, anger and even hate even though we may not be clear as to they might be our motivations.

We can start to see with Clarity through our relationship with our fellow practitioners that these aspects may have been there within and through our participation with one another that these were false.  They have become nothing more than illusions since they are slowly being revealed and changed into the pure energy of light because that is the source of our lives. 

When we are involved in supposed conflict we are not fighting others, we are fighting ourselves since this is a self reflective universe.  Whatever you think you see in another is just a reflection for you to awaken to it in yourself since they are your reflection.  We need to become more aware of our tendency to unconsciously subjectively project onto situations or people and think those perceptions are true.  This is the start of opening ourselves to go past these tendencies and learn the lessons of what we are truly doing.

Allowing things to be as they are keeps us from “reacting”, once we can catch ourselves from our tendency to be reactive we can see that that is our tendency to be separate or think we are separate from whatever situation is arising.  In letting go of whatever is arising the unconscious reactive tendency starts to become flabby and weak because for the most part we have built our live around it and it has become regarded as normal. 

This one thing tends to keep us in a separation emotional mentality and is hard to break through to see how if you see your existent clearly it is all one, but until we can “let go” of whatever is arising without reacting we may not break over into the balance, harmony and peace that has always been with us but the habituated familiarity of always reacting seems natural.

Our Asian predecessors realized and formulated their realizations through centuries of actual combat and opening themselves to creative discovery as to what could be considered real conflict resolution.  These realizations were forged into what we have in modern life as “way arts” or do that were practiced in dojos as well as everyday life. 

Two of what could be considered higher level realizations in the arts of Judo and Aikido are KU and JU which were accomplishments in the Spiritual aspects of these traditions.  KU which basically means Emptiness and JU which means gentleness.  So, in reaching these realms of much higher understanding of what the Arts had actually taught a person, the individual was able to see with intuition and insight what the Principles of the Art had taught them out of which was Clarity of integration, Discipline, and a more Whole Global Brain.

KU and JU combined would be a culmination of letting go totally into the Art as a whole and giving in to a realm of Peace because there was no place in this culmination for separation or harm.  Essentially, there is no one there to perform any action, if any attack is effected the energy would be dissolved because of the non resistance of KU or emptiness and gentleness of JU in Equanimity.

When Yin/Yang are in Harmony consistently in the realization of KU and JU we enter a whole other realm in our Art.  We have a culmination of understanding of all our efforts to see the lessons of unnecessary resistance that was a major aspect of our involvement in that it revealed what was considered the only way to exist in contrast to what we have now realized as our own individual conditioning, life circumstance, and karma and through our Art we have transcended in a more inclusive light what we thought was reality.

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