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Stillness is an Expression of the Eternal

If we are not able to come to an Absolute Stillness of our Being, we can be kept in the hypnosis of relative nature and all of its distractions and fascination that keep one from transcending the world of movement.  Running our lives from the automaticity of just the conditioning of our existence here in the realms of societal, parental, philosophical and religion keeps us in an unconscious attempt to survive, but not truly consciously exist.

I have written previous articles on this site involving this issue, Silence Stillness but now I need to further the imperative that Stillness is a necessity if one is to realize their true nature because all of the above realms of conditioning consume your awareness and consciousness because they are lived in such a robotic, mechanical and habitual way.

Allowing Stillness to bring forth these words is the only way for me to basically get out of the way for the Eternal to even have any chance to bring any Truth to the world, otherwise, the writing here is just rewriting what has already been written.

Listening to the silence of the stillness, one has to be aware of the moment to moment flow of our connection to an open ended potential dialogue which can only be accessed if one is living in the present which is the Presence which is our connection to the true here and now.  If we are locked into the intellect and gathering information we are not staying open to the flow of connection of Presence, we are only attempting to put together diverse information trying to make it all make sense in some consensual, collective and self affirmative approach.

This tends to satisfy the intellect in that it determines that all has been brought together with its conceptual finalization and nothing further needs to be added or discussed.  Nothing really wrong with this other than it has now put existence in a box of limited words and meanings, obviously, there have been many attempts to tie the all in all into a tight viewpoint of contraction and now nothing further is to be discovered.

From this vantage point of attention we need to concede to the unknown in that from that disposition of discovery, we can step beyond the limitations of concepts, beliefs and history to the realm of allowing what we think is a weakness of not knowing something to the realm of considering what can be created from starting to be open to the realm beyond our limited conditioning and knowledge.

How could anything genuinely novel be created from the realm of the known, all we can possibly do is potentially modify something that is already in the creative sphere.  Letting go into the stillness of existence and transcending the form world is our only way of venturing into the formless and trusting in what we are not in a habit or routine of our everyday experiential involvement.  Allowing the unknown to expose itself because before moving beyond it, we are obstructing its revealing by our habitual life.

Our habitual lives of running down the rabbit hole of redundancy and not being aware of our unconscious tendency to live that way, whatever way that is, shows that we are resisting the possible openendedness that  could be the open door to new realms of discovery and creation that allow enlightened change not only in our lives but the world stage.

By sinking deeply into the Stillness of Being we can allow the Eternal to open a purely authentic dialogue, although it is not necessarily a verbal one, but a knowing one based in the unknown which is now an original connection with Pure Spiritual Isness.  This is our origin as it is based in our view of Infinity.  Not trying to define and control our existence but to open ourselves to our true vastness in that we have allowed ourselves to get out of our own way to be touched by Oneness even though life doesn’t seem to look that way.

Eternal Oneness which is beyond the ego mind and encompasses totality allows us to see the transparency of the world which frees us from the illusion again of being entranced by the world of FORM or the seemingly solidity of what is really an energetic expression that is vibrating at its own frequency which we are able to translate through our brains ability to convert it into mostly a usable concept which doesn’t always grant understanding.

What I am pointing to is to be able to see through the world scene with insight from the realm of CLARITY, not being obscured by established models of knowledge but by directly penetrating what is the Truth, not just in conceptual realms, but in your everyday experiential existence, I have discussed this in general in Unbounded Consciousness, Now Presence, and several other essays.

It seems until you can come to the Present and be able to stay there consistently, the mind get pulled away by the next distraction in the environment, whether internal or external and cannot live in the Presence.  Once Presence becomes your default we can say, then the world of distraction no longer has your ATTENTION, you have reached an enabled FOCUS so that no matter what arises, you can LET IT GO considering it is only an energetic arising and not something to be attached to so that it takes your ATTENTION down some random trail out of your past or something that seems to be a possible future.

This is why you need to have deeply examined and become aware of your life stream and its conditional components from your experiences, values and beliefs  and see how they have you entranced in their importance so that you cling to them and can’t see through and beyond them.  LETTING IT GO, no matter what is arising keeps us from solidifying whatever has arisen so that it doesn’t distract ATTENTION and tends to become solid in our mind.

My example I give to my Aikido students is be like the LIGHTHOUSE, no matter what assault seems to be coming against it, wind, water, storms,  the LIGHT seems to always be shining in an omni directional way, which if you will use it as a metaphor is you BEING awake from the realm of ATTENTION, AWARENESS AND CONSCIOUSNESS which allows you to transcend the world even while living in it and be free from it.

Sincerely, Will Gable


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