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Unification Principle

Our lives seem to be focused on the external world as if that is our true purpose. Once we start to see through ourselves transparently with CLARITY, as we saw in the previous essay, we see that we have been guided from the inside from the Unification Principle that is our Spiritual Essence. Our internal structure is based on Principle, and the Unification Principle is always bringing us back to our internal balance so we can transcend the “what is not” that seems to be the agenda and programming of the ego/mind.

The Unification Principle is always in place because if it wasn’t we would go sorely out of our mind, it always is in play in our lives, we don’t recognize it because we are too distracted with the play of the life field of the world of FORM that seems to be separate from what we have defined as ourselves.

If we are to awaken to our Spirit Self we will eventually have to bring ourselves into direct relationship with our “habitual familiarity” or our self image on numerous levels, self image, body image, personality, ego/mind, and transcend our attachments to each level so that what we thought we were in assumption and conditioning actually becomes objective to our true self, Presence to what is, or NOWPRESENCE.

Our ego/body/mind has to be seen as what we have created as a reaction to the Unknown that we seem to be facing as we attempt to take the next step in a world in which we are explorers with no real conscious rudder to move through the situations that we encounter.  So, we create from the standpoint of reaction and avoidance of reality because we eventually experience pain and want to avoid it with pleasure, this simple example, is a basis for building our reactive egoic personality which we assume is us.

We develop the personality to survive the best we can and yet we are avoiding the reality of what is.  We seem to move far away from what is because we don’t want to face it because from our conditioning we see that we can’t always control it which is the agenda of the ego/personality and it wants what it wants, there is no flow.  We won’t let reality into the situation even though it is the Source of the situation in an energy sense.  What we have created as ourselves is standing directly in the way of more open ended connection and Unification with our Source which is simply who and what we have always been.

So, in this Light we have been repressing Reality since we first started to “try and do something”, and especially when we didn’t want to experience displeasure.  In order for us to awaken to our Real Self we can’t keep doing the same things over and over again from the same conditioning or we will get the same results.  We need to see that activity as what started the whole separation mechanism within our Consciousness in the first place, so, what are we to do?

Understanding comes from seeing that you are in the way, you must understand the whole mechanism of your existence that you created or it will continue on the way it is.  Change will come if you stop trying to make things change, it is already ongoing, but the ego/mind cannot accept it because it wants things the way it wants it and if the person cannot see this, it can get a lot worse for the person.

Ego/mind does not want to lose control, it is the creator of duality consciousness, win/lose, good/bad, high/low and continues for lifetimes on linear consensus reality which is the way of the world, not the flow of Spirit Consciousness, two different dimensions and yet one Real Source.

As we practice our art of Aikido, we are allowing our inner actions to guide us from the spontaneity that comes from within our Consciousness/Awareness to show us the way of effortless effort or flowing with the energy “as it is” and not trying to make something happen.

If the Unification Principle is allowed to we will say,  perform the action, then all of our conflicted and resistance energies are transcended and as we continue our study from the Unification of all Principles then one can slowly grow beyond their resistance to live from the Unification Principle and be able to Understand what it is they are constantly doing in their Unconscious existence.  To become aware of your contracted state starts to allow you to release yourself consciously from your “habituated familiarity” of your life.

We practice a FORM  through Principle to bring us into a state of FORMLESSNESS.  So we are able to awaken to THE FORMLESS through transcending a FORM or a concept of practice by seeing that the FORM is limited in structure but through Principle it is Transcendental AND FORMLESS, because Principles are FORMLESS and they can only be expressed through the FORM,  they allow extraordinary displays of energy and awareness because they are not limited to any specific FORM.

To be able to we will say ‘GO WITH THE FLOW” we have to have transcended our normal approach to dealing with energy coming at us no matter what the FORM seems to be, physical, emotional or mental.  We must stay OPEN ENDED  through the Unification Principle or we will allow the world of FORM to determine our lives and we will remain its prisoner.  The more we are able to allow effortless openendedness to arise as our Nature, the more we are our Source energy, our Original Face, with no attachment to any FORM and yet not resisting the reality of FORMS on all levels.

Thank you, Will Gable




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