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This is an interview with Will Gable, Sensei at Hikari Aikido Dojo in Edmond, Oklahoma.  This was broadcast on April 17, 2011.  I was interviewed by Sharon Quinn who is the host of the show.  We have a show every Sunday at 11:00 a.m. for thirty minutes.  Our show is the Edge of Truth which is listed on blog talk radio by that name.  The show is the beginning of a series of talks that about Aikido and the Spiritual realizations that can emerge from the practice of the Art.  I have listed a blog talk section above on the header lists of the website, it gives times, date and phone numbers if you would like to participate.  We also have an archive of past shows discussing Spirituality without any religious implications.  Please join us.  Thank you, Will Gable

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Again, I would like to thank Mr. Brandon Clapp and Mr. Stanley Pranin for publishing my article, SILENCE STILLNESS, in their great publication, Aikido Journal, thank you both, Sincerely, Will Gable

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SILENCE STILLNESS can run counter to what the self survival mind demands because it has no survival agendas.  In our high tech, hyper adrenaline, life styles we are caught in the “need to know” instant gratification orientation and most will take nothing less as they are “online” with the global communication nets and so linked in people seem to have a hard time truly slowing down their life energies.

If we are to awaken our spirits awareness/consciousness, we need to slow down the tendency towards distraction no matter to what level it seems to be pulling our attention.

This is where SILENCE STILLNESS can be a powerful ally.  Living in the midst of probably the most vivid, distractive culture in many millenium one is being bombarded constantly by the multitude of vibrations running through the air, with all the stations vying for our allegiance of attention.

To foster the necessary filtering of these vibrational distractions, we need some process to draw our attention away from the compelling syntax that is the allure for the numbing of the body-brain-mind which is online with the life force except that the pull is towards what seems to be an “external world” only.  With this pull our attention is focused on mainly sight,  sound and a kinesthetically aligned experience and depending on the distractive factor of each or all of these dominant modes of input, we can be get lost in the world of the senses, complete with all the (CEP) convenience, entertainment and pleasure you can handle and indulge.

This may be of little interest to the already intoxicated self which is caught up in the mirrors of illusion that the whirl of the world seems to spin out at light speed.  But, if one has felt disenchanted in living only through this sensory overload then one can fall back into the peace of SILENCE STILLNESS.

If we keep being led around by the self/ego/mind we may have interesting and compelling experiences and yet the mind is always being stimulated by the next distraction in one’s inner and outer landscape of events.  This is akin to an animal that is keenly alert through pure instinct and yet has no real awareness of anything,  just being led to the next sensory distraction.

We can come to the awakening that we can open ourselves to levels of insight and revelation if we will start to shut down this ego/brain/mind for brief and maybe prolonged  sessions of just being SILENT and allow the STILLNESS of our being to emerge so we can access the Peace of the Spirit.  Once we truly are awakened to this possibility and experience this fully accessible dimension of SILENCE for no reason, we will start to move to this dimension for the PEACE that is already there on the edge of the HEART’S vibrational nexus.

While practicing our art of Aikido, we are slowly refining our connection with this dimension while we are moving in the dynamics of Spiritual Principles.  Most people watching wouldn’t necessarily think this or even perceive that this is one of the possible outcomes of the practice.  Since Principles take ones attention away from one’s intention when they moved onto the mat, “you can’t come here and do what you want to do”, if you keep doing what you have always done you will end up doing what you always have.

The practice of Principle starts to take us away from our ego/mind structure where again, Principle transcends Ego, and we find ourselves entering a dimension of effortless solutions to some of our “predetermined assumptions” about how things are, especially when one has never been moved around with not even a fingers insertion.  Once we start to feel through our center consistently we begin to let go of trying to make things happen and see the magic that is present once we access the SILENCE STILLNESS within from our letting go of our structuring of the world whirl.

Once our distractive assumptions are transcended and included continuously by what I call, “Self authentication” where the individual is validating their awakening to the reality of the Principle realm, and can now start to Witness themselves in SILENCE STILLNESS OF AWARENESS.

At this nexus, one is able to see the futility of living their life from just the survival end of the spectrum, yes, we can access this realm for that purpose, but to use the art to actually move beyond the mind, the very mechanism that keeps one asleep is how we can use the martial arts to study consciousness through allowing ourselves to trust greater insights into who we are and what we can actually awaken to once we let go into the unknown, which is when you stand at the point of having contemplated your conditioned Identity and have let go of the major attachment to what is potentially standing in the way of you starting  your Spiritual journey.  Thank you, Will Gable  (@copyright 1977)

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