Uncoil the Coil

As we traverse along in our existence we may not have realized how our life force has become a wound up coil of our experience that is vastly contributing to the stress in our lives because we may not be aware that instead of letting go into our experience and relaxing we may have been involved in a unconscious conditioning of accumulating a massive pile of imbalances.  Once we realize that this has been the habitual ritual that we are living we might start to open ourselves to the self revealing of examining this energy.

In order for us to come to place of understanding of our everyday actions we need to awaken to our living as Awareness instead of the trappings of the echo zone which we have visited a few essays back.  This takes some letting go of our habitual rituals we can fall into daily.  If we want to live from self revealing we need to have connection with the present that can predominate habits.

By becoming and living from our recognition that at our more expanded Awareness we can see and realize that we are much more than our sensate existence.  As we progress through our experiential journey within and without, we are opening our vibrational frequency band to approach the synchronous that unity starts to transform our levels of interpretation of who we are and allow reality to show us the truth of being here.

This brings us to what exactly can propel us into the FLOW that we so often want in our practices and our life.  To reach a break over point we need to enter the realm of the Uncertain.  Uncertainty helps us to realize that our fixed emotional mentality that is our life conditioning is what can keep us from the present/Presence to bring forth a more “fluid FLOW of Awareness/Consciousness. 

A ground level for immersion is Principle practice that are expressed in a collective expression to allow us to “let go” of what the Reptilian brain upper body says is the only way to handle unpredictable, uncertain circumstances. This practice of becoming more centered in the parasympathetic system which is inclusive of the sympathetic opens our inner connection with the vagus nerve, allows more relaxation of the iliopsoas or psoas which are the major inner muscles connecting from the 12th cervical to the top of your femur thigh bone.

When these major connections are established so we can basically truly relax then there is a beginning to be more aware internally as unconscious tension from the sympathetic nervous system that was previously driving our whole existence is initiated into awakening to the awareness of now having a conscious choice as a response  instead of ego based reactions based in unconscious programming of no choice.

Because of the mechanistic nature of living in the past and being hypnotically thinking we are living in the present, when we are actually coming from a robotic action based in our life conditioning that we are mostly not a conscious participant since we are for the most part being told who we are and what we should be doing for the first 20 years of our life.  We need to start to become aware of our every moment actions and at least question how and where did our life stream come to where it is NOW.

Once we become more aware of our individual inner tension that is a by product of our unconscious programmed conditioning we have the opportunity to start to investigate why we do what we do and how that affects who we may have become.  This probing may start from the outside in, since most of our tension is not apparent to us and we can start by learning to relax and let go.  This approach can be facilitated by possibly being involved in yoga, tai chi, aikido, qi gong and meditation as these modalities all tend to have many useful programs that are involved in relaxing, calming down and can be useful for anyone but most helpful for people who are very wired and can’t seem to find their center of focus other than the outer world.

As the unwinding progresses and there are noticeable releases of over reacting to maybe just about anything in the environment and within ourselves we may come to a place of awakening that can be our first acknowledgement of being aware of these energies and actions that now introduce us to seeing what we have been up to in our lives and can be a restarting in fresh new cycles of interest and a further letting go of the habitual sympathetic tendency to be tense which allows us to change these actions because we feel differently because the life stream can now be guided by the neuroplasticity of a more open possibility.

The Arts of Aikido and Tai Chi can set a firm foundation in Principle which brings our focus of Attention to our whole body mind spirit in that the Principles distract one from their everyday habitual ritual into a more unified conscious participation that is focused on all levels of our existence that are beyond the ritual.  The benefits of these Arts are immense especially if one is stuck in their life participation in that they shake up the rigidity that is one’s hypnotic unconscious conditioning that translates into holding internal energy patterns that can hold one spellbound because the person does not know they exist internally.

The external controls the person until they are able to allow certain energy reactions to say, pass by without them falling into the action as normal.  We have a choice at this point of allowing Principle to set a new sail of our life energies into letting go of what was so compelling and unconscious to open to Uncoil the Coil and be more open to relaxing the Coil of tension that we think has been our life so we can traverse up the Spiral of Existence and Freedom.      Sincerely, Will Gable


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Calmness of the Isness of Being

     Opening ourselves to the Isness of Being seems to exude a profound calmness that seems to have an eternal quality that never seems to go away.  It is obviously not a thing but a connection to our relationship with the Divine which seems to come into view, more like a high vibrational frequency that seems to lead us to its expression as IAM so we can KNOW ourselves in direct connection.

The Calmness quality seems to be a very immersive in that you don’t seem to lose it as it has a very solid feel and yet this can only be seen or felt by anyone in its environment as a vibrational frequency that can be very powerful and influential because it is not  commonly seen as the environmental society vibe depending on where you are, can be very imbalanced and chaotic.

We have been discussing in prior essays how we can get pulled into multitudinous distraction on many levels that pulls us away from just Beingness.  This realization of this facet of our nature can definitely be looked at as a raft that can be recognized as the Eternal that is always in place, so to speak, to be in communion that seems to be free of this dimension and yet fully involved in that it is always accessible from a vibrational relationship.

This brings us to the subject of separation, as long as we are assuming we are only a physical being we may not realize that that vision is only a vibrational frequency if we are to wake up to the realms of our existence beyond this seeming solidity.  To traverse this vibrational frequency would seem to be an underlying purpose for being in this dimension since we have come here to explore our inner and outer life.  This exploration could help us all to come to awaken to realize the Oneness that is our foundation and bring us into a more realized harmony both personally and on a worldly reawakening from a clouded history.

The Calmness allows us to be present in Prescence so that we are no longer taking things at face value.  This can take us through numerous levels of either delusion or truly waking up to being able to see through the situation no matter what it reveals.  How can Being be anywhere else?  Being is all there is.  The separative perspective is what is being discovered and disclosed  and Prescence is already here and the unnatural has been the prior focus.

The involvement of studying Aiki thru relationship with one another thru principles with no image of ourselves or others, we all disappear in the practice of moving meditation.  So, we can see thru others (become one/unity) because we practice relationship.  Thru deep trust even though we don’t know better.  And yet we are ultimately responsible for each other thru relationship.  So we can awaken to our freedom thru being one with responsibility for this ultimate relationship of infinite care.  Outcomes are derived from applied responsibility and consciousness on any level of existence.

The calmness allows us to settle into the Isness of the moment, not distracted by the questioning ego mind and its vast less questioning in the world of thinking it needs to know more and more of what it thinks is priority for our Attention.  Breathe into the NOW, the finite doesn’t rush out to be one with the Infinite, the Infinite simple includes it as already being its source.  When we lose our resistance to change, then we can.   Resistance to the energy of change CREATES STRESS and STRUCTURAL TENSION and helps reveal the internal TENSION that we hold unknowingly.

We find ourselves thru the doorway of Calmness in an endless immersion of Peace and Flow that at last isn’t given up for the conceptual machinations of the mind as it is consistently Transparent and is on the other side of what seemed so real in that we have now given up unresolved energy complexes and intellectual addictions that may have held us in trance but since the other side is the vastness of Pure Awareness we now see our Freedom in Truth, and not of this realm, as all of that is inclusive prior to any definition.  The mind arises at birth and is caught up in the web of time.

In order for us to get to the point of the connection of Beingness we need to again, let go of what seems to be an overwhelming experience that keeps us from being pulled through by the Calmness to what we are caught up in as what is looked at as normal.  That is an uninspected script that has become habitual and unless we can see through it from a realm that is not attached to anything we can remain in its time oriented enclosure of certainty. 

In a continuous realization that what we may have been involved in was basically a conditioned condition that we didn’t realize we were living.  Uncertainty has become an ally in that previously we were living from certainty that our ID was an absolute and now from continuous realization we see we can emerge each moment in the Freedom of Consciousness as it is the foundation of Beingness which exudes Calmness as its Nature.


Sincerely, Will Gable

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Spiralic Immersion in Periodic Freedom


The access to a Transparent opening to allowing us to feel free from the mind’s compulsive attempt to control and categorize one’s existence and to stay in a repetitive, habitual unconscious circle of un-inspected behavior is alive as our Real Nature.  This transparent access is a way to open ourselves to the neuroplasticity that is being used and is available to almost anyone in that limits that have been maintained can be immersed in the light of our unconditional condition of periodic freedom beyond conditional life experience so we may be set free from the unconscious limits we have placed upon ourselves.

So, letting go on a continual basis of what is arising in each moment in that the constant mind shuffling and reshuffling of the past dominates most of our seemingly conscious life and this disposition can keep one in a very narrow band width access.

I know this may seem like an impossible discipline, but my experience with it has shown that this seems to clear much of the habitual mindstuff that has almost an addictive quality because most of us are honed in on what we are involved in in our existence and we can tend to never take a quality break which may involve different ways to let go of what we have always tended to think and do.

I am not suggesting you are trying to stop your thinking, only to be able to become aware that you may be so habitually oriented in that activity that you can become incapable of seeing beyond it, by being able to see through it and have this discovery open you to the unconditional condition of free attention and awareness which can’t be seen or observed, it is a next level awakening of our energetic consciousness, which is our baseline of our inherent nature.

At this point it could seem like a revolutionary experience, even though what is happening is nature is expressing itself in its true free form that neuroplasticity is just an expression of it bringing us into a conformity of non conformity in that the prior fixed energy of thought is immersed in a clear clarity of a non stained glass ceiling that is the portal to our Source condition that we allowed to recede as we entered this realm of vibration to explore this realm of existence and discovery.

We were never supposed to lose the upper level connection but through the “shock of birth” we seemed encased in this energetic mass of the finite and the over sensory blast of this unknown environment we had to allow this profound solidity which we didn’t understand since our True Nature is one with Light Infinity.

As the layers of distractive duality are released as an energetic revealing that the seeming known has now been immersed in the transparent radiance of the ever present Presence of the Resonance that is the All in All that is constantly going through the creation, organizing and destructive cycles that open us to the miracle that we may not understand mentally, but through opening ourselves to periodic immersion we can start to live as the Flow that brought us here initially and awaken beyond our conceptual cave of darkness.

As the Universe is a continuous Spiral going into multitudinous directions, so in reaching this apex of letting go of anything that is obstructing this realization we come to the Universal that is the simplicity in that the mind has been brought into this awakened state that its function is no longer to separate existence but to realize that there is a surrender to the prior Primordial Condition that in all reality was its source and that this Immersion in the Periodic Freedom is the Spiralic revealing the Infinite and that the Spirals are at last our doorway to the Spirit’s domain.

This allows us to trust the greater cycles of traversing the Spiralic so we may no longer be tied to the cross of existence but to live in this Universe in the Now and not get lost in the lower vibrational frequency that has been a divisive narrative of this world of density and form.

Sincerely, Will Gable

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Shift Monkey Mind to FLOW

As we continue our dialogue about our investigation about who we are, what we are, we may  discover a lot of the musings are related to our echo chamber reverberation. As we see our habitual life we can realize what we have been up to as everything becomes clearer.  Becoming more aware of mind’s tendency to randomly go in haphazard directions we can find that we may have no real centered focus.

This can indicate that we are a victim of the “monkey mind” which is a relative of the echo chamber in that their parent, cognitive dissonance is alive and has no consciousness or awareness that it is a sporadic episodic display of online confusion.

Monkey Mind to a degree has become one’s default even though that person may not be aware that this is their disposition of restlessness, indecision, and in general being unsettled mostly because the individual has not settled down to the point of seeing that they aren’t really coming to a point of originality, but are caught in a mimic state that has become constant and yet it seems familiar to them.

Monkey Mind can be very compelling in that it is in a repetitive circuitry and doesn’t seem to have a real, grounded, center, it seems one’ s Attention is easily distracted by whatever is in the external environment and will follow and replicate for example what someone just said, and will repeat it like they are the one that just came up with it.  I have seen this in different people who apparently don’t know they are involved in this parroting behavior.

This behavior can be very disconcerting to the people who are around it and know it is going on and yet the person who is caught in the mimicry, are most likely unconscious because they have been involved in it for so long they have no clue they are doing it.  Some people may know they are doing it because they seem to want to think no one could know more than they do and so adopt the mimic position of being the originator.

One of the ways that can be implemented to make the person wake up to their disposition is to get them involved in something they can’t change but have to practice, Principle. This can at least start to break up their familiar behavior of the Monkey Mind and help them see their behavior and start to question what they are doing and at least open the door to a more creative original dialogue and behavior.

As this Principled process takes hold Awareness of one’s actions becomes more pronounced because Principles operate from a much higher dimension than just one’s ordinary ego structure, it reveals what one is experiencing in the present, and opens the door to change and in this situation can allow profound shifts in one’s behavior and life, but only if one can let go of their atrophied energy patterns that can keep one from moving beyond their past,  unconscious circle of mimicry.  

To get to a more aware, centered place, one of being conscious of one’s behavior, as has been mentioned in prior essays, one can start to let go of the arising pattern and open ourselves to the realms of creative FLOW that come from the Neuroplasticity of periodic freedom in that the energetic nervous system has been temporarily suspended so there can be higher levels of creative input introduced into the overall energetics of a different possibility entering the lifestream.

Once this periodic freedom has been experienced change can become more consistent or at least available in that one is not as locked down and energies are less frozen.   For me, periodic freedom has come through long periods of principled, disciplined practice in martial arts, meditation and yoga, these aren’t the only ways, now though, it has been a daily experience of holistic, transformational growth in that FLOW is much more readily accessible because of the energetic neurology of tension and resistance has been internally cleared so now life has become a Flowing Clarity.

This process requires sessions of solitude to cut out the distractions of the world so a person can start to become aware of their involvement in repetitive cycles that they are identified with that is now who they think they are.  This is not therapy, but a process of self revealing in that these behaviors, whatever they are,  have become so entrenched in the fabric of the person’s life that they feel they are natural and prior to becoming aware of them there would be no consideration of change.

Monkey Mind has infested the population and Awareness and Consciousness are the opening to being free of any of life conditioning, brainwashing, and coercion that an individual has experienced.  We can be so identified with the confusion of mimicry that our creative potential has lost the centerpiece in our existence.  In facing this within we start to bring Consciousness into the forefront of our daily experience to let go of the patterns that have been so compelling and be reawakened to the Fires of Reality as it now moving through us to burn away the dross and pain of cognitive dissonance and find Peace in the Flow of Spirit.

Sincerely, Will Gable



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Reset your Preset

We may have come to the point of not considering that we can change our viewpoints, our life conditioning that determines our behaviors, and thus our life can continue on in a habitual profile that until we can actually become aware that we are presently living from an unexamined preset that we are mysteriously living out as our life expression.

Actually, this realization is a positive action and awakening that can help us allow new ideas, creativity, through the nuance of neuroplasticity or the ability to express subtle shadings, meaning, feeling to possibly allow our life values and abilities to evolve through a performance of now a newly acquired awakened pliability, inner elasticity that reflects into our life’s feeling and expression.

This new opening to our life source that we are swimming in is being communicated through our fascia that is the portal of source codes that open us to more connected dimensions of communication with higher frequencies that inform our brain to become more open and pliable and thus allowing us to reset ourselves from a more neurological flexibility that we might not of experienced before as we were running on a preset of thinking and behavioral conditioning that kept us in a narrow hallway of functioning. 

This allows us to open ourselves to higher levels of intuitions, vibrations, and possibilities of upgrading our overall frequency to a more Source based informational input that can allow us to see what our preset was not allowing us to see and to become more accessible to change through neuroplasticity so we can see the benefits of not being locked into one realm only.

I previously wrote the essay, Aikido, Neuroplasticity of Being which was referencing some of my ability to change through the practice of Principle by focusing we will say outside of what we view as normal and allowing my presets over the decades to be transformed by the realm of neuroplasticity which wasn’t an efforting on my part, but was a slow progression into seeing through conditional conditioning of giving up energy fixations that were held more intensely as priority and were transformed by Transparency.

The Transparency seems to be a higher level function of neuroplasticity in that as the energy fixations, whatever they are seem  to melt away and not have the previous influence of importance.  As I wrote in Principle transcends Ego, we are seeing that the preset dimension is based in the ego mind and that can easily meld into what has been called the Monkey Mind or lower dimensional existence in that it is only concentrating on mainly survival aspects, not that the intellect doesn’t have its proper place for our purposes here on earth.  Its just that it can become locked into its own perspective of relevance and stay there for life.

In practicing Art, there are many aspects of oneself that need be surrendered in order for one to reach fundamental and excellent realms of even understanding what you want to express in your creativity.  The ability to let go basically on a continuous moment to moment release into the NOW feeds spontaneity and aliveness that is the wellspring of inspiration which is far away from the lock down of any preset and is the precursor of FLOW.

One of, if not the key to living in this open ended, formless state is Awareness of ourselves on a personal basis, an environmental awareness and Awareness that we are a point of Pure Free Awareness.  This state frees us from the world of over involvement of duality that can help us be informed of maybe our present situation on a conceptual basis, but in the long run can be an obstruction to a higher connection with other dimensional frequencies.

We can become over immersed in the world of words, definitions and concepts that have our Free Attention Awareness held captive.  When we realize this is our predominant disposition, Awareness is being realized because as the Free Mirror that all that is being reflected into and this can be the awakening that this has been our distraction of being in the world and being of it.   Through awakening to Awareness as our native condition we are in the world but “not of it” in letting go of our subjective projection of defining it.

The preset becomes reset with the coding of life as it is from natural frequencies that are available once the dial has been shifted by the Infinite attunement that is no longer being distorted by the noise of the lower level vibrations of the world and Being comes forth as one’s shining Nature.

Sincerely, Will Gable




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Eternal Emergence of Realization

As Presence, Awareness, Consciousness as the doorway to the Unknown/Known Spiritual connection to Eternal Transcendent Truth gradually emerges as our more relevant constant realization we may suddenly see the contrast of how a conditional existence can blind us by keeping everything in a tight, narrow, hallway of tunnel vision and how upon connecting with truly being at home in your Heart you see more with Clarity in your daily life in a vastly more open ended Flow.

Not climbing a ladder of achievement, but transcending the activity of contraction as each moment unfolds in its ever present emergence that is gradually realized.  Obviously, we can start from where we are, although we don’t want to confuse just the hierarchy of needs as where we are, we are always HERE NOW and we always have been except that the distraction of what seems to be here and be real can keep us entranced with its allure of sensation and what I term the key addictive realms of CEP  convenience entertainment pleasure or the first three chakras and how they can keep us locked down especially the way society is presently functioning on these energy cycles.

From a Spiritual POV what is here has to be realized consciously from the supposed start as who and what we are as a wholeness and not get caught in what I call “distracted duality”, which climbing the ladder of achievement seems to keep one in a certain quadrant relationship and assessing oneself as an ID involved in that level so to speak and potentially only looking at and limiting oneself as that ID.

An interesting track to run on but it seems to end up helping others to live a un-awakened life of accomplishment, never questioning, only moving along on a predetermined set of steps that seem to fit most of the population at least in the West.  That outcome can feel pretty good, a life of struggle and then you win some rewards that possible money and fame seem to give you, but since you are running on a track, if you get off of it, you might really not know who, what or where you are.

Infinity embraces and interpenetrates our lives always, we are never not HOME, only the “distracted duality” of what seems to be real temporarily blinds us with the world of the vital life force.  The many expressions of the life force can entrance us and hold us spellbound, but Infinity is always now here  and everywhere as Truth which transcends the visible spectrum of Light.

Expansiveness and Spaciousness allows us to open our Hearts and Minds to the Higher dimensions of your IAM Presence to consciously touch Infinity as your Source in each moment, not a concept of it.  Stepping outside the conditioned boundaries of who one thinks one is, we can’t help but turn to our True Infinite Source which upholds ALL.

Infinity shatters your imagined structure of what you conceive life is, “die before you die”, wake up to your Original Face which is zero point to seeing your mind will have to expand past its assumed position and function.  Thou shalt have no other images before me!  Spirit has no image and yet is the source of all images.

Once we awaken and step through our structured self that is a result of our conditioning in this life and our karma, we can start to live consciously and freely.  What we have come here to express as our purpose is more clear, this opens us to our connection with our higher field of realization and we are now flowing in our existence and not struggling because most of our dualistic blocks have resolved themselves as we may have held onto them unconsciously.

We can now accept the lessons from these dualistic arenas to have helped us open ourselves to clear the debris of not only this life, but now being able to see that this was an accumulation of many lifetimes.  I know this may be hard to accept, but there is so much evidence that some of the experiences we encounter could not have come out of just our present life if you will start to look at it with more intense scrutiny.  It seems very easy to lock ourselves into the landscape of our limited mental assessment of what we are doing here and our involvement up to a certain point in time.

As we are now immersed in a more eternal I will say, conversation, realization input becomes our clearer source as we have started to “let go” of the arising potential distraction, distortion as it is being expulsed from our unconscious in that it is no longer a concrete energy but is being recognized in your primordial consciousness and seen as only energy that has been freed from its static incubation that may have kept one more rigid than they ever thought possible because it was conditional, programmed early in life and seemed so natural.

As was stated in earlier writings, “Peace is your reconciliation of your resistance to what is.”  So, the more you are resistant and full of tension which is over reacting to any everyday experience you are defaulting to what we have been discussing previously in this essay, living in a sympathetic, unconscious, conditioned, habitual existence which you are not questioning and living as your real condition.

Sincerely, Will Gable

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In our martial traditions we have encountered many ways of structuring the arts we are studying, kata, techniques, promotional belt systems and they have seemingly gave us different paths to the same realizations. They may not look the same but the disciplines, principles and awakenings have allowed us to wake up to our common humanity in that we may in the beginning see ourselves and others as separate, but as we temper our body/mind/center we have entered the realm of the Spirit Essence that is our true connection not only with our Art but with the essential Heart of our Existence.

The Heart is our doorway to our True Freedom since it is the inclusive support to everything and everyone we can rest in its Love.  This frees us from the contraction of our ego mind conditioning whether conscious or unconscious.  We can awaken to seeing through all the levels that unknowingly have held us in their trance.  We can see that we may have started our martial journey from levels of insecurity, revenge, anger and even hate even though we may not be clear as to they might be our motivations.

We can start to see with Clarity through our relationship with our fellow practitioners that these aspects may have been there within and through our participation with one another that these were false.  They have become nothing more than illusions since they are slowly being revealed and changed into the pure energy of light because that is the source of our lives. 

When we are involved in supposed conflict we are not fighting others, we are fighting ourselves since this is a self reflective universe.  Whatever you think you see in another is just a reflection for you to awaken to it in yourself since they are your reflection.  We need to become more aware of our tendency to unconsciously subjectively project onto situations or people and think those perceptions are true.  This is the start of opening ourselves to go past these tendencies and learn the lessons of what we are truly doing.

Allowing things to be as they are keeps us from “reacting”, once we can catch ourselves from our tendency to be reactive we can see that that is our tendency to be separate or think we are separate from whatever situation is arising.  In letting go of whatever is arising the unconscious reactive tendency starts to become flabby and weak because for the most part we have built our live around it and it has become regarded as normal. 

This one thing tends to keep us in a separation emotional mentality and is hard to break through to see how if you see your existent clearly it is all one, but until we can “let go” of whatever is arising without reacting we may not break over into the balance, harmony and peace that has always been with us but the habituated familiarity of always reacting seems natural.

Our Asian predecessors realized and formulated their realizations through centuries of actual combat and opening themselves to creative discovery as to what could be considered real conflict resolution.  These realizations were forged into what we have in modern life as “way arts” or do that were practiced in dojos as well as everyday life. 

Two of what could be considered higher level realizations in the arts of Judo and Aikido are KU and JU which were accomplishments in the Spiritual aspects of these traditions.  KU which basically means Emptiness and JU which means gentleness.  So, in reaching these realms of much higher understanding of what the Arts had actually taught a person, the individual was able to see with intuition and insight what the Principles of the Art had taught them out of which was Clarity of integration, Discipline, and a more Whole Global Brain.

KU and JU combined would be a culmination of letting go totally into the Art as a whole and giving in to a realm of Peace because there was no place in this culmination for separation or harm.  Essentially, there is no one there to perform any action, if any attack is effected the energy would be dissolved because of the non resistance of KU or emptiness and gentleness of JU in Equanimity.

When Yin/Yang are in Harmony consistently in the realization of KU and JU we enter a whole other realm in our Art.  We have a culmination of understanding of all our efforts to see the lessons of unnecessary resistance that was a major aspect of our involvement in that it revealed what was considered the only way to exist in contrast to what we have now realized as our own individual conditioning, life circumstance, and karma and through our Art we have transcended in a more inclusive light what we thought was reality.

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The World is a Digital Pixel

As we enter the new age of technology that seems to be overwhelming humanity we can hardly tell the difference between our phone, tv and the computer screen.  They have all become a highly prized digital information source and we don’t seem to be able pull our heads out of them.  Our brains have tended to become digitized and we are immersed in a world mesmerized by a collective of millions of pixels that comprise the screen that you are viewing. 

It is as if the new screens on any of the technology are looking so real from a clarity viewpoint that is almost takes over our mental imagination abilities.  Seeing as the mind can function from a fantasy imaginative visionary state we can gather that most of our lives we are functioning pretty much in that condition of being able to create whatever we want and this makes it clear that we in our creation can subjectively project what we think is real in our minds onto the landscape of life.

If we continue in this vein of expression we might not be able to pull our free attention out of this circuit of relating to one another through a glass partition of many colored, alluring digital images that are in no way a relationship with reality.  This diversion into the seduction of fantasy has severe consequences as far as how we are not relating to each other even though there is a strong efficiency in passing along information in an instant.

This is one of the main benefits of these techno realms and as long as we keep it where it needs to be, we can use it to help make the business and financial realm not take more of our lives to have to keep us buried in distractive realms of paperwork that only take up our valuable time. 

As we can see humans are caught in the net of “the screen” and have seen people actually not know where they are walking and driving because of their being distracted caring so much as to what is showing up on their device that they almost think they are in their living room hunkered down on the couch even though they are moving around or driving under the influence of electronic imagery. 

We have been hacked and to a certain degree we don’t even know it and yet people seem to be living in this fog of electronic addictions and some actually have had to go through therapy to pull themselves out of this immersive programming that has slowly saturated their life.

As I talked about in my essay, External, Internal, Eternal lots of people are living in and on the external already even before they got hooked with the digital.  Living on this level the individual is existing even further from possibly being involved in their own life, emotions, feelings and having any awareness outside of their obsessions with the smoke and mirrors of all the electronic static that is all consuming.

If we can become aware of our involvement and see how to temper this tendency to be constantly over consumed to the point of our lives are more of a immersed mental pixel collage, then we might have a chance of pulling our pure attention, awareness and consciousness back from the world and not just the world but from this total dependence of having something so compelling that it has become one of our main ways to think and function in existence. 

The likelihood of this phenomenon going completely global is presently apparent but that doesn’t mean it has to dominate everyone, we can see this with chat gpt and others that are seducing large populations into turning their lives over to the hyper digital consulting possibilities that such inventions offer.  I am not saying that they might not be useful, only that they are a next level distractor following the pixel screens most are already involved with and that most likely will lead to further opening the door to the mechanistic unknown from their outcomes.

So, in our immersion in this realm of creation, we have allowed ourselves to become a digital pixel in our everyday life by not being aware that we are living from this illusion and thinking that it has anything to do with reality when it is only serving the function of maybe helping our survival tendencies to become more efficient by everything speeding up.  This realm is not reality, it has become a level of interface that has not been investigated thoroughly and is leading the whole planet into an electronic fog of being distracted and entertained.

At this point we can’t afford to be pulled down this rabbit hole in seeing the whole planet is in a huge field of cognitive dissonance and populations aren’t necessarily that up on these issues as they innocently accept the next techno gadget and the pace doesn’t seem to be slowing down. 

We need to keep staying aware and inspect whatever is offered from a decisive critical thinking skill disposition that allows us to keep a lot of this tendency at arms length seeing as the governments are sliding into the electronic money arena which is not a positive benefit for the general populations in that all that is is another version of the digital pixel, only within this possible CBDC is an absolute draconian dystopia of power and control of ALL aspects of anything we do in our everyday lives which will never stop!

Sincerely, Will Gable

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Letting go of the Echo Chamber

It is truly hard for us to be free of what we don’t see ourselves doing, the dialogue that is a daily repetitious vocal in the minds of most people is like a ping pong ball bouncing back and forth in the echo chamber of our reverberating inner conversation, we can stay in a constant state of replication of whatever is distracting our attention at any given moment.

This every day constant redundant almost tape recorded session is a potential habituated statement that doesn’t allow much of any interruption so that someone might break through the cloud of distorted mind numbed confusion of cognitive dissonance.  When in this state of being assaulted by too much information and not making any solid common sense the individual may just give up trying to reason out what is that has one in a state of seeing too many alternatives and not enough conclusions.

Upon starting to realize that we have been deeply involved in our life circumstance to the point of knowing that what we are revolving in our mind is keeping us thinking that what we are locked into in our present perspective is exacting who we are and where we will always be.  And, in so doing, we can feel like we are comfortable in this dichotomy in that we may never transcend this conversation because it is only in the realm of the linear mind and that in most scenarios is only the basis of supposedly securing a foundation.

 In allowing this behavior to go on for decades of entrenchment we have let the repetition of the conversation become habitual and that tends to lure us into identification to a resounding echo in concert with the conditioning we experience day to day.  Gradually, we may notice the internal voice may have taken over as the thoughts about anything drown out any Free Attention that was always with us but we let the echo chamber of the mind dominate to the point of planing off and settling for a highly defined position that is frozen in its conceptual tomb.

In realizing we have allowed this disposition to have its hold and to possibly have the motivation to break up the conversation, we can first, reestablish connection with a much freer Attention, not easily given to the glitter world that might be in our eyes, what is distracting you habitually?  As you start to become Aware that you are Awareness instead of the daily echo, stand back in your Free Attention Awareness to see that you are this liberated condition, and that you always had it but life can tend to become dull and repetitive.

As this Free Attention reappears for you, new, creative ideas and thoughts can emerge, listen to that, it is one of the paths out of the echo chamber, your real abilities and insights may start to come forward which is the way we are, we can be mostly shut down until this spark inspires us and we start to break out of our eggo shell that has seemed to very comfortable.

As we break through some of what we thought we were, thoughts, emotions, perceptions and feelings, we can come to a realization that our existence here could be a lot simpler and the way life seemed before was way more complex and less flexible, adaptable, and elastic.  This can be a break over point in that we start to let go of what seemed normal into a much more creative, daily expression no matter what you are involved in in your actions.

My experience with this approach is to allow the differences to emerge without trying to force things to change, fresh insights and intuitions will start to guide you along in your discoveries and awakenings, we were all for the most part born this way, we are all free, creative and intuitive beings, some where we lost connection through different life circumstances and started listening to the echo instead of our core Self which is our Source Being which is at last simple, but, infinitely Awake and Aware and Now accessible from its Radiant condition as that is its Nature.

As we saw in the previous essay, Radiance, revealing the Truth, because we can tend to plane off in the bubble of the echo chamber we can assume there is a glass ceiling or limitation and feel we cannot go any further because it might seem so solid.  This can supposedly be built from our over conceptualization of living in the ego mind and not living free from our Original Nature.  The echo chamber can be seen through from your true insight and the glass ceiling was only a veneer assumption that we thought was Reality when it was the distraction of the reverberant, rechoing that had become our daily narrative.

Sincerely, Will Gable


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Aikido: Neuroplasticity of Being

In our practice of Aikido we are sharing and learning from a Oneness experience, we are not competing, but, absorbing neurological input which allows us to be more Transparent from a neuroplasticity of how we can open ourselves to the one nervous system of a Global Brain Inner/Inter action.

When we have harmonized our internal spirito energy our synchronistic understanding awakens our capacity to learn from the Transparency of Being by seeing through our assumption of being separate and attached which again, is our conditioned disposition in being frozen in time which can be very limiting.

In order to bring beingness into our practice and our lives we need to let go of the seriousness and the over reactiveness to allow our total mind body to internally become more elastic, flexible and adaptable.  When we discover this internal openendedness our brain makes a shift to reset our nervous systems to start experiencing from an awakened neural function.

This shift tends to take the effort out of our neurology so through the process of neuroplasticity we can open ourselves to discovery, creativity, and for greater growth, change.  Once this becomes our more awakened approach to anything we do, we have started to open ourself to Being, which is the basis of our True Nature which is not striving to do anything, only seeing with greater Clarity through intuition and insight, effortlessness, non attachment and Freedom.

All of these aspects culminate in the Emptiness of Oneness or KU, vibrating with what is in any moment without having to define the experience since it is revealing that this was always your underlying nature, its just that we can tend to get caught up in multiple layers of distraction, supposedly external or internal and go to sleep in these unconscious realms that habituated conditioned life can misdirect us.

One of the main components of the practice of Aikido in the realm of recognizing neuroplasticity is fostering the ability to change as was mentioned in the essay, Principle, we can gradually let go of years, possibly decades of atrophied behavior that we don’t recognize we are doing and living. 

A very positive aspect is that we actually open to this possibility practicing in relationship with fellow humans which requires that we be honest with ourselves and them in how we feel into what is going on in the moment, the present, and through the Principled techniques application we can holistically be authentic with each other in our direct experience. 

This reset of our wiring again is experienced gradually and if there are obstructions to a free flow of our energy, we can through spirito, mentally, and physically revisit through direct involvement how we may hold on to resistance or not.

Freeing ourselves from control of the ego mind to tenaciously try to make everything go the way it wants instead of experiencing the freedom that is revealed practicing non resistance that is one of the major Principles to show us the way out of a lot of conditioned confusion in that the reflection on an immediate basis can spark new insights in how we can on a basic level function more efficiently and potentially set a new stage of understanding as to who and what we are with more Clarity.

By transitioning out of our calcification and rigidity of our past, we can trust the present in that we do not have to always be relying on our conditioned habit of existence and are free to let go of any of its energy that is too compelling in that we are not living and breathing from the refreshment of our capacity to be renewing our lives from our Essence that is the neuroplasticity of Being.

Sincerely, Will Gable





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