Aikido: Neuroplasticity of Being

In our practice of Aikido we are sharing and learning from a Oneness experience, we are not competing, but, absorbing neurological input which allows us to be more Transparent from a neuroplasticity of how we can open ourselves to the one nervous system of a Global Brain Inner/Inter action.

When we have harmonized our internal spirito energy our synchronistic understanding awakens our capacity to learn from the Transparency of Being by seeing through our assumption of being separate and attached which again, is our conditioned disposition in being frozen in time which can be very limiting.

In order to bring beingness into our practice and our lives we need to let go of the seriousness and the over reactiveness to allow our total mind body to internally become more elastic, flexible and adaptable.  When we discover this internal openendedness our brain makes a shift to reset our nervous systems to start experiencing from an awakened neural function.

This shift tends to take the effort out of our neurology so through the process of neuroplasticity we can open ourselves to discovery, creativity, and for greater growth, change.  Once this becomes our more awakened approach to anything we do, we have started to open ourself to Being, which is the basis of our True Nature which is not striving to do anything, only seeing with greater Clarity through intuition and insight, effortlessness, non attachment and Freedom.

All of these aspects culminate in the Emptiness of Oneness or KU, vibrating with what is in any moment without having to define the experience since it is revealing that this was always your underlying nature, its just that we can tend to get caught up in multiple layers of distraction, supposedly external or internal and go to sleep in these unconscious realms that habituated conditioned life can misdirect us.

One of the main components of the practice of Aikido in the realm of recognizing neuroplasticity is fostering the ability to change as was mentioned in the essay, Principle, we can gradually let go of years, possibly decades of atrophied behavior that we don’t recognize we are doing and living. 

A very positive aspect is that we actually open to this possibility practicing in relationship with fellow humans which requires that we be honest with ourselves and them in how we feel into what is going on in the moment, the present, and through the Principled techniques application we can holistically be authentic with each other in our direct experience. 

This reset of our wiring again is experienced gradually and if there are obstructions to a free flow of our energy, we can through spirito, mentally, and physically revisit through direct involvement how we may hold on to resistance or not.

Freeing ourselves from control of the ego mind to tenaciously try to make everything go the way it wants instead of experiencing the freedom that is revealed practicing non resistance that is one of the major Principles to show us the way out of a lot of conditioned confusion in that the reflection on an immediate basis can spark new insights in how we can on a basic level function more efficiently and potentially set a new stage of understanding as to who and what we are with more Clarity.

By transitioning out of our calcification and rigidity of our past, we can trust the present in that we do not have to always be relying on our conditioned habit of existence and are free to let go of any of its energy that is too compelling in that we are not living and breathing from the refreshment of our capacity to be renewing our lives from our Essence that is the neuroplasticity of Being.

Sincerely, Will Gable





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