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Who is it that understands oneself?  There has to be some aspect of understanding that allows one to know when one is absent and when one is present.  Once we have understood ourselves to the point of letting go of who we “thought” we are we can step into the realm of our beingness, not to be defined,  only to be realised as our next level of evolutionary awakening.

One’s real self cannot be negated for it is the doorway to the light of understanding.  Still, there needs to be the aspect that contains all that one understands, the realm of one’s IAM.  Once one goes to the Heart there is sincerity and innocence from the core of sensitivity of the Divine.

Any and all that we awaken to is to be transcended and included, once we reach the level of thoughts being absorbed in the light then we can rest in the womb of the light of understanding, we have moved beyond again, linear consensus reality, but now instead of just “witnessing”,  our ME that we are is pulled to the edge of the doorway where one is touching infinity and yet still has separation.  How can one know infinity unless there is separation, how would one know the infinite unless one has been separate?

We can look at the ME as the moderator of relative and infinite understandings, there has to be intelligence that is aware that is staying awake to personal Soul and Infinity contact.  Even if ones consciousness is absorbed there still has to be some aspect of life and source that has to discern and decipher what one has or is experiencing that is aware and intelligent enough to understand the space into which one is evolving.

The ME of Understanding is the flow of intelligence from the Divine that one lives from upon awakening to ones State of Presence, when attention turns back on itself in Awareness.

Let us imagine Presence as the sun shining and our lives as being the eclipse of the moon which is obstructing the light of the sun in our Spiritual Heart and who we “think” we are has emerged as an attempt to survive in the supposed world that seems out there.

So, if we live from that point of view, whatever form it has taken, then we are like someone fighting against something we can’t see in the darkness, swinging wildly, trying to understand what has happened, modifying, moving things from one side of the room to the other and thinking we are truly changing our lives.

So, in our attempt to modify living in the life of the circle, we are constantly on the circular treadmill and are making ourselves dizzy with the effects of being unconscious.  All of what we are attempting can bring us material success in the world and yet if examined, we can feel a great chasm in that we are trying to bring in happiness and stability from the outside and that will never happen.

Moving from the square, triangle, circle, we now move into the not so tangible realm of the spiralic which moves beyond these powers in nature to transcend them in spirit which allows them to be as they are, the most powerful geometric forms in our lives that we base more of our life here on than we could possibly think and to use them as the incredibly strong principles that they are as our basis to help us realize our spiritual lives through our practice of Aikido.

To step into the unknown as our true creative source and understand that what we have created as the known about anything is actually what is not real, our perceptions and concepts about what we think are real are really separated from what actually is.  We are living in a virtual reality of conceptualization and thinking we truly are living in reality consciously.

So, in order for us to live from reality we need to let all that we encounter truly “be as it is” and understand that any definition we place upon it is just us trying to organize the thing to fit into our conceptual mind in an attempt to keep it in its place  so we can feel safe about it instead of contemplate it and follow it to its source.   Our existence at this level is just the mind viewing any and or all things encountered in the context of safe or dangerous, the mind is ultimately a survival mechanism by nature.

To let go into the unknown, into beingness, we may have reached high levels of conceptual understandings but they are still based in survival even at sophisticated intellectual attainments.  Again, we are knowing about things seemingly around us that look separate from us because we are still mentally conceptualizing about the thing.

As one awakens into the unknown, insight becomes ones mode of relationship and the mind may be held in abeyance only as a useful tool of consciousness as one transcends what is not in each moment and is living  from what is,  as consciousness/ awareness which is existence freedom from the primal conceptual survival mindset.

The ME that is understanding is now free of the contracted conceptual attempt to define the life force and the forms that life has created and lives free in its relationship to the Radiant Source Condition that was already the case prior to any appearance.

Thank you, Will Gable


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