Aikido Kata


                                                         ** AIKIDO WAZA**

                                             NAGE WAZA/ Throwing techniques

                                             KATAME WAZA/ Locking techniques

                                             ATEMI WAZA/ Striking techniques

                                             KANSETSU WAZA/ Joint techniques

                                             SUWARI WAZA/ Kneeling techniques

                                             TACHI WAZA/ Standing techniques

                                             UKEMI WAZA/ Falling techniques

                                             TANTO WAZA/ Defending Against a Knife

                                              TACHI DORI/ Defending Against a Sword

                                              JO NO BU/ JO DORI Defending Against a Jo

                                              JO NO BU/ JO NO TSUKAI KATA/ Using a Jo

                                              TACHI NO TACHI/ Sword against Sword

                                    ** MAJOR KATA FORMS THAT INTEGRATE TECHNIQUES**

                                              TEGATANA NO KATA/ The Walking kata*

                                               HANASU NO KATA/ The 8 Releases*

                                               NI JU SAN HON KATA/ The 23 Main Forms*

                                               O WAZA JU PON/ The Big 10*

                                               KORYU DAI ICHI/The First Advanced Kata

                                               KORYU DAI NI/ The Second Advanced Kata

                                               KORYU DAI SAN/ The Third Advanced Kata

                                               KORYU DAI YON/ The Fourth  Advanced Kata

                                               KORYU DAI GO/ The Fifth Advanced Kata

                                               KORYU DAI ROKU/ The Sixth  Advanced Kata

                                               The first three kata listed above along with the first five

                                               of the O Waza Ju pon comprise the the requirements for

                                               Shodan or first degree blackbelt.

                                               One of the most important kata we practice is Tegatana

                                               no Kata or The Walking Kata.  Since movement is one of

                                               the major Principles in the practice of Aikido, this kata is

                                               practiced every class session for several repetitions in order

                                               to imprint the subconscious of the unusual movements that

                                               the art demands in order to be able to move omnidirectional

                                               with little or no effort and be able to multi channel process

                                               what is appearing in the demand of the moment.

























               Tegatana no Kata

               1) Shomen Ashi                   forward step                         feet only

               2) Waki Ashi                        side to side step                   feet only

               3) Tenkan Ashi                    step                                      feet only

               4) Shomen Te Gatana           straight hand blade              same hand/foot

               5) Uchi Mawashi                   inside sweep hand blade      same hand/foot

               6) Soto Mawashi                   outside seep hand blade       same hand/foot

               7) Uchi Soto Gaeshi              forward block & side push     same hand/foot

               8) Uchi Mawashi Gaeshi        inside sweep & turn               same hand/foot

               9) Soto Mawashi Gaeshi        outside sweep & turn             opposite hand/ foot

             10) Ude Goshi Gaeshi              arm & hip turn                       opposite hand/ foot

             11) O mawashi                        major circle                            opposite hand/ foot

             12) Yoko O mawashi               side major circle                     both hands/ feet