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Today on, Sharon and I discussed on our talk radio show, The Edge of Truth.

We talked about  how Principle draws us closer to the Truth of Existence and how the Art of Aikido,  which is based on Universal Principles, works in conjunction with accomplishing one’s desire for Self Realization such as the art of SELFGnosis™ makes possible.

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Interestingly, both arts serve the higher purposes of consciousness shifting.   They help shift the ego’s external perceptions to the inner recognitions of how Spirit permeates all of life from an orientation of Love rather than fear.


Will and Sharon

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As we have allowed our self to open to SILENCE STILLNESS and to UNITY CONSCIOUNESS we find ourselves not as a thing, but as AWARENESS purely.  The self is a control mechanism that nature has inherently included in the software program of most humans.  “It” has instinctual forces that can overwhelm the brain to the point that survival and winning can be yardsticks by which one is measured to be worthy of living here.  There can seem to be no alternative to these forces of nature or even that anyone questions the need to have one.  We seem to be online at birth and yet we don’t know how to define what it is we are doing here, but survival seems to be the overwhelming option, since we are helpless.

If we stay entranced in the survival mode included in the primal package we may stay on that vibrational platform our whole life and stay in different emotional and intellectual positions within the potential consciousness and strive within the society or culture in which we have emerged to fulfill our desirous adventures.  There is nothing right or wrong with fulfilling what you desire, it can take you to great heights of accomplishment, and yet it is mainly the extension of survival which is based in gain and loss and the focus is unconsciously aligned with perceptions in duality.

At some point one will have mastered the ambition survival agendas for ones self, does one keep on trying to win the game that seems so objective or out there?  This may or may bring one to questioning what they are really doing here besides selling the next product or winning the next tournament.  If we are at this place, it could include greed, power plays, and all the games that the ego/self has in reserve to preserve its position in society and yet these are only where the consciousness of the individual could possibly reside and the intellectual and emotional positions that seem to support these continuous agendas have not been inspected with any awareness/consciousness, the bottom line is profit and loss.

The possibility for one to awaken to any greater consciousness is always potentially there within all of us and yet the control agendas that seem to run one seem to dominate most waking, sleeping and dreaming moments.  I have discussed this in previous posts in the form of distractions in the self and the seeming world, the agendas of convenience, entertainment and pleasure.  To turn towards the Truth of ones existence, again, not the factual truth, the ego must see its place and mature to the point in seeing that it is not the Source of anything, it has its place, but is in no way the Creator!  It has been outshined by the greater, already existing Reality and as such HUMILITY is where it is laid down once awareness/consciousness is accessed and one can see through the survival/ambition agendas for what they are.

When the practice of SILENCE/STILLNESS is consistent one is able to still the ego/mind of its sometimes incessant bantering about everything, not able to let things be as they are without analysis, thinking, and concern.  To be able to see that a lot of this concern is how the ego/mind keeps one entranced in the agenda of habit and the constant circling of attention and thinking this is you!  We can start to step out of this by being STILL and see the energy patterns that may have governed one for way too long in the form of thoughts, feelings and noise and whether they are genuine or the ego/mind in its control grid.

This crucial step can be the start of the much uproar in that the habit patterns may have become addictive to the ego/mind which likes to control things from the agendas of survival, convenience, entertainment and pleasure, if things get revealed by bypassing what was considered normal by SILENCE/STILLNESS then they start to lose their hold in the circle of habits and addictions and then one might be able to see the fog lifting and the Prescence of Light shining where these agendas seemed so entrenched as ones self.

Once this AWAKENING has emerged and we now have stepped away from the control grid of the ego/mind, we can start to live from awareness and see that we are actually living free from the conceptual mind which is mostly unconsciously assumed to be who we are, after seeing that this is a collective unit of assumptions that can resemble a contraction in and of consciousness.  “We think therefore we are is pure Descartes,” we just are what we are “prior to any thinking, but thinking through the conceptual models of words and the meanings we gave them to communicate is another function in the contraction of consciousness that designates itself as “I”.

Identifying what seems to be our collective self as “I” gives one the illusion through the attachment, that they are the ego/body/mind and as stated above, never question it.  If this assumed attachment is never disassembled through SILENCE/STILLNESS so that one can access consciousness/awareness one can be stuck in the unconscious in emotional debris sectors that seem so real for the person, but they are not able to access the vibrational levels of freedom, joy, love and higher vibrational fields that are in abundance once we can consciously realize the lessons of the level we are on and let go with gratitude and humility to the Spirit for showing us the way out and beyond what seems so solid and real from limitations of the assumed ego/mind.

Aikido is one of the most profound spiritual technologies on the planet today and  if seen for what it is, can open the mind of the individual to the beginning of their evolutionary journey to Spiritual realization.  The growth of the individual’s consciousness/awareness is constantly being brought through the elemental (earth,air,fire and water) emotional levels of testing in relation to the Principles of the Universal Spiritual energy so as to bring the individual to the Truth of their Existence which is Freedom from the survival mind.  We practice on a basic level, a survival art in order to bring ourselves to the point of transcending victory/defeat and thus duality.

SHIVA BATIK (@copyright 1979)


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This video is to show us the ingeniousness of being patient in your endeavors, but mainly when being patient with others as in our Aikido school in their growth as the Spiritual human beings that they are and also being patient with ones own growth.  Imagine using your Aikido Principles in the creation of something this inspiring, especially the patience, harmony of inclusiveness of all persons involved and the open ended possibilities that are involved in fine tuning of the total process and the outcome that this video demonstrates as to using Aikido in our daily interactions on the GREATER MAT OF LIFE.  By the way, this work of art took them 49 times for us to hear what they wanted to produce as a completed expression of genius.

This is a recent email from one of my students and great friend, John Taylor, who is in the Air Force in Germany, he is always emailing me with intriguing ideas and posts like this one.  If the youtube does not come up for you, copy and paste it in you tube.  Thank you, Will Gable

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Moving from SILENCE STILLNESS we may notice after each session there is a definite opening for us to be listening in a lot more carefully as to what has been revealed when we touch what can be called UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS.  We have allowed ourselves to let go into the higher matrix through the doorway of the Unknown.  This takes courage for a person at first after they start to realize what it is they are practicing.  We are opening ourselves maybe for the first time to the possibility of seeing into the Source of our life from the vertical realms that transcend the linear consensus reality that most people have never questioned.

With each session we can further let go of who/what we had conceived of ourselves to be.  In so doing, we can open ourselves to be re-set with a  fresh new view revealing new levels of awareness.  Consciousness informs from the vertical quantum realms from insight and revelation of the Spiritual and the ego/mind seems to learn from the sequential or linear or what is considered Newtonian.

There is an old saying, that goes, “we must die before we die”, so what is it that dies?  We have been with a  friend or relative who has died physically and in the process of letting go of the part that dies, the body/mind, we may have listened with them as to what they thought they had or had not done right or wrong in their life and had remorse or professed their love at that moment for us or others.  I can relate to this as I did this with my grandfathers and them with me. Let us not wait until we die to the psycho-physical to say or do what we need to, in our relationship to others.  Through Silence Stillness we can embrace the death of “what is not” by awakening the Witness and from the Prescence of “What IS”  let go of the stranglehold of its survival agenda in all its forms.  It is the seeming isolated world of form that is the major distraction from trusting the formlessness of the Spirits power which can’t be seen but is Sourcing all that emerges in the manifest whirl of world.

Once we awaken to the vertical  in consciousness/awareness of the NOW, we have a chance to step outside of this mortal shell, “death, where is thy victory?” We now have the awareness to have CLARITY, or standing free from “what is not” clear enough to see from the realm of non attachment truly.  Remember, the “home that is nowhere, that is the true place,” if you take the word nowhere and break it down to the root, it reveals itself as NOW HERE.  So, the true NOW is our true place or doorway to the INFINITE as our Source because INFINITE SOURCE is always HERE NOW, except that we may not have accessed contact because of the distortion of finite vibrational definitions with which the mind tends to become attached and distracted.

Layering meanings on the Universe can get in the way of Reality revealing itself AS IT IS.  We, in our attempt to make sense of why we are here have amassed many philosophies, theories, and concepts about the nature of existence.  In the practice of SILENCE STILLNESS we have created an opening to accept “what is” and let ISNESS reveal it’s nature to our consciousness as UNITY.  To allow the harmony of “what is” to touch us with its profundity as LOVE which is the realization of the support that is accessible once we open to it as our SOURCE AND NATURE.

Our involvement with our Art of Aikido has as its Primary Principle, that Budo or the way of the Spiritual warrior is Love,  from our Founder, Moreihei Uyeshiba and all other Principles follow this profound realization from his enlightenment.  That we are to Unify ourselves Spiritually and forge our Lives with a commitment to “awakening”,  through disciplining our waywardness in the world to the Principles of the Universe and live our lives as examples of Free, Open, and Existential Truth and Light.  That we realize that the Universe is and has always been intrinsically living AS EXISTENCE  through the ISNESS that it is, ETERNALLY, UNDEFINED.

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This week on our show I interviewed two students in the Aikido class, one was Sharon Quinn, the host of this show along with me, Will Gable, on the Edge of Truth.  The other was David Melton, long time student, friend and colleague.  Both are actively practicing Kihara Aikido at the Hikari Aikido Dojo in Edmond, Oklahoma.  We welcome you to listen as I interview these practitioners and their experience on and off the formal mat of their experiential Spiritual journey as they transition through creativity and discovery of their Consciousness evolution through Awareness. Sincerely, Will Gable

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