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Eternal Emergence of Realization

As Presence, Awareness, Consciousness as the doorway to the Unknown/Known Spiritual connection to Eternal Transcendent Truth gradually emerges as our more relevant constant realization we may suddenly see the contrast of how a conditional existence can blind us by keeping everything in a tight, narrow, hallway of tunnel vision and how upon connecting with truly being at home in your Heart you see more with Clarity in your daily life in a vastly more open ended Flow.

Not climbing a ladder of achievement, but transcending the activity of contraction as each moment unfolds in its ever present emergence that is gradually realized.  Obviously, we can start from where we are, although we don’t want to confuse just the hierarchy of needs as where we are, we are always HERE NOW and we always have been except that the distraction of what seems to be here and be real can keep us entranced with its allure of sensation and what I term the key addictive realms of CEP  convenience entertainment pleasure or the first three chakras and how they can keep us locked down especially the way society is presently functioning on these energy cycles.

From a Spiritual POV what is here has to be realized consciously from the supposed start as who and what we are as a wholeness and not get caught in what I call “distracted duality”, which climbing the ladder of achievement seems to keep one in a certain quadrant relationship and assessing oneself as an ID involved in that level so to speak and potentially only looking at and limiting oneself as that ID.

An interesting track to run on but it seems to end up helping others to live a un-awakened life of accomplishment, never questioning, only moving along on a predetermined set of steps that seem to fit most of the population at least in the West.  That outcome can feel pretty good, a life of struggle and then you win some rewards that possible money and fame seem to give you, but since you are running on a track, if you get off of it, you might really not know who, what or where you are.

Infinity embraces and interpenetrates our lives always, we are never not HOME, only the “distracted duality” of what seems to be real temporarily blinds us with the world of the vital life force.  The many expressions of the life force can entrance us and hold us spellbound, but Infinity is always now here  and everywhere as Truth which transcends the visible spectrum of Light.

Expansiveness and Spaciousness allows us to open our Hearts and Minds to the Higher dimensions of your IAM Presence to consciously touch Infinity as your Source in each moment, not a concept of it.  Stepping outside the conditioned boundaries of who one thinks one is, we can’t help but turn to our True Infinite Source which upholds ALL.

Infinity shatters your imagined structure of what you conceive life is, “die before you die”, wake up to your Original Face which is zero point to seeing your mind will have to expand past its assumed position and function.  Thou shalt have no other images before me!  Spirit has no image and yet is the source of all images.

Once we awaken and step through our structured self that is a result of our conditioning in this life and our karma, we can start to live consciously and freely.  What we have come here to express as our purpose is more clear, this opens us to our connection with our higher field of realization and we are now flowing in our existence and not struggling because most of our dualistic blocks have resolved themselves as we may have held onto them unconsciously.

We can now accept the lessons from these dualistic arenas to have helped us open ourselves to clear the debris of not only this life, but now being able to see that this was an accumulation of many lifetimes.  I know this may be hard to accept, but there is so much evidence that some of the experiences we encounter could not have come out of just our present life if you will start to look at it with more intense scrutiny.  It seems very easy to lock ourselves into the landscape of our limited mental assessment of what we are doing here and our involvement up to a certain point in time.

As we are now immersed in a more eternal I will say, conversation, realization input becomes our clearer source as we have started to “let go” of the arising potential distraction, distortion as it is being expulsed from our unconscious in that it is no longer a concrete energy but is being recognized in your primordial consciousness and seen as only energy that has been freed from its static incubation that may have kept one more rigid than they ever thought possible because it was conditional, programmed early in life and seemed so natural.

As was stated in earlier writings, “Peace is your reconciliation of your resistance to what is.”  So, the more you are resistant and full of tension which is over reacting to any everyday experience you are defaulting to what we have been discussing previously in this essay, living in a sympathetic, unconscious, conditioned, habitual existence which you are not questioning and living as your real condition.

Sincerely, Will Gable

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