As we unfold in the process of death in each moment, not death of the bodily existence, but the death of the supposed limit that the body mind represents to our unbounded consciousness.  We must see that the body mind is only a representation of what and who we conceptualize ourselves to be.  The body mind  has emerged from the Unknown to the supposed world of the Known or the  manifest world of energy and its multi dimensional vibrational expression as Existence.

As mentioned in prior essays, one of the only ways we are to awaken to True Happiness is realize our Unboundedness of our Spiritual Consciousness or what might be called your True Nature, not your conceptualization of your Existence living from your ego/mind that is based in only your body/mind survival.

In the previous essay, Unification Principle, we saw that in order for us to let go and trust our True Nature we need to examine all the different conceptual images that we have mostly unconsciously created over the course of our life.  So, if we are to step into the death process discussed above, we have to see clearly what it is you have created from the point of view of “what is not” or your ego/mind creations that come in the form of obsessions, distractions and beliefs.

To be able to access our NOWPRESCENCE which is a word for our transcendent connection which will allow us to “Transcend and Include” what seems to be real in each moment and see it as only a passing energetic possibility in the form of a thought, emotion or feeling that before would have consumed our Consciousness/Awareness as if we are totally identified with whatever is arising in Unbounded Consciousness that tend to obscure Free Awareness.

We tend to string Existence along as a series of thoughts, emotions and feelings that seem to point towards a seamless expression as our mind/body personality and live from that assumed position as our self.  As long as we see it this way, we will never recognize that we live and die in each moment and each thought is a newly arising phenomena that is not necessarily associated with the last one.  They just seem to arise out of nothingness and we tend to attach our whole existence to them.

It is quite difficult for one to go from a world of seeming solidity and allow oneself to now let go into what seems to not exist, ” because it is not a FORM OR OBJECT,” the ego/mind is addicted to separation and compartmentalization of OBJECTS, whether they be things, people, thoughts, emotions and will not let go of its addiction to control everything.  And now one is being asked to trust in what cannot be touched or seen as an OBJECT, to trust in one’s Original Nature, nothing to do with an OBJECT,  just Pure Awareness.

Until one is able to Transcend the seeming world of OBJECTS, they will be entranced in the trance dance of the ego/brain/mind and its control agendas that keep the biological alive.  Awareness can be compared to,  and obviously this is a concept, to Space which is a word which we use to define the environmental condition of being able to move around without resistance.  If you remove a house from its foundation did that affect the space that was there all along?  It is the same thing with Awareness, which is already the Nature that permeates All and yet is not attached to any of the THINGS, OBJECTS, thoughts or emotions.

If we are to be FREE from the world of OBJECTS, we must awaken to the trance we are in that keeps us from REALIZING this very simple reality of AWARENESS as our Real Nature simply and purely instead of habitually defining everything either from ignorance and or fear of NOT KNOWING.  There is great FREEDOM in NOT having to KNOW EVERYTHING.  Look at the word, every thing or even knowledge as an OBJECT.

NOT KNOWING is our doorway to our True Nature, mental knowledge only can keep us in the abstraction of Existence and thus not Realizing Wholeness through UNBOUNDED CONSCIOUSNESS which transcends the mind’s need to know about everything.

Sincerely, Will Gable



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