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Truth IS the ground of reality

The cultures of the planet seem to push the belief that your Destiny is in what they are passing along in time and space as to how you are to act, be seen and believe as a definition of how you should spend your time here, thus encapsulating your existence into some type of here say programming and the Freedom of Truth is not in this list of priorities.

This is the start of how external information and knowledge bases start to become one’s self reference and identification as a step towards their supposed Destiny.  This is the imprisonment of the ego/mind and how it sets up its parameters of how it is going to control the behavioral aspects of living here and not allow anything to interfere with it and its agendas.  Anything it cannot see it does not trust, tangible evidence only, no openness to alternative or transcendent spontaneous intuitions in the moment because they move beyond its framework of strict enclosure, not allowing any inclusiveness or Wholeness.

The vast populations on the planet emerge into the earth game no matter what the continent and just accept the survival agendas of their location as the truth of existence?  We obviously need to survive but not to let survival be our only reason for existence.  If survival is our only agenda we are living on the lowest rung of existence and our whole life is based in the unconsciousness of the life force, there is no conscious connection to the Inner Light only a blind struggle to survive.

 Upon realizing that we have been listening to our ego minds conceptual model of reality we hopefully will step into a greater space of Clarity about what we have actually been doing in unconsciously modeling Existence with our personal point of view.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, survival agendas seem to take over as modeled by most people’s parents in that they are striving to survive and yet not knowing they are doing the same thing as their parents and passing it on to their children.

They haven’t questioned what they are doing as it seems all others are assumedly involved in the same agendas that they are and this assumption, mostly unconsciously, is how people tend to start  depending on external information sources as the truth of their personal existence, again, all this is mostly unconscious because the physical, survival identification with the body seem to take over and no one even questions this assumption.

This can continue over the life of the individual or there may be intervening as spirit is always ITSELF and is our SOURCE NATURE, so it is always present and yet the ego mind is entranced with its desires and distractions in the objectification of Existence and can stay solidified and walled off with no interest or awareness that there may be another side to our Existence that is prior to us emerging here.  We are here to awaken to this prior Reality that is always already the case.

The Spirit always is ITSELF, with no need to be changing into something that it is not.  Humanity seems to want Truth to be what it wants it to be as something or an object that they can possess, but that is the life of separation and Truth is not of that dimension so it cannot be owned.

The Mind is not the ground of Reality, it can only surmise that its perceptions are the truth, and in doing so it sees the external in the relative terms  of words, definitions, and ideas and since it is mostly asleep, deems its perspective of life the only way it can see it, concepts.

These concepts become fixed in the mind and a lot of them become the only way the mind can relate because it is limited in its scope in the way it sees what is in front of it.  Since it is limited it seems to reduce everything to the safe arenas of the duality of everything through its point of view, even though it is asleep and sees everything from a black and white ideation.

This creates the illusion that the external world actually exists from the mind’s duality point of view and only from that point of view.  This point of view has created the world of linear consensus reality along with its belief structure that all of creation is somehow under control because of the duality perspective, when in truth, Reality is the foundation of All that is, Enlightenment is the basis of our existence.

In realizing this, we need to see that the Source of our lives is our life power connection and how we plug into the infinite consciousness that is our True Nature which is and should be natural to all who awaken to it as it is, which is your free Spirit of attention expanding eternally.

Thank you, Will Gable


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