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Great Wave Pulsing

The Universal Great Wave of Spiritual Principle is always emerging eternally in its omnipresence as the Source Originator of the great All in All. This pulsing wave doesn’t have a beginning or end, the creator life spark principle is emerging in all worlds in its infinite form expressions.

As our connection becomes more obvious the great wave pulsation will move you without your volition, Spirit moves in its appropriate spontaneous wave without any interference from the worldly will. This is bringing us into more of the unification understanding that all is connected and through allowing this pulsation to be as it always is we come to our own internal unity with the Great Wave that is always pulsing our lives.

The creative FLOW is always available as long as we are not trying to force something to come through our intuitive self.  Spontaneity appears as a natural aspect of our being when we become subtle enough to open  ourselves to What IS, then we have transcended our usual approach, whatever that may be, and open to the Universal language of existence that is only contacted when we have let go of what we think we are experiencing to the vast array of potential that exists beyond our conceptual obsessions.

The pulsing of the Great Wave transforms our daily existence from a place of no form, this is where form is emptiness and emptiness is form, we are starting to see from a vast transparency of how we are connected with everything and everyone that has always been existent in our lives but the world of form and contraction of our energy while existing here was keeping us blinded to this realization.

As we are gradually washed away in the connectedness of this pulsing wave we start to begin to let go of constrictions and contractions that have kept our nervous system in a random locked down flux of our daily life.  Once this has become our new consistency we see that habituation and conditioning were blinders as to what we are and what we are experiencing in this Universal existence that wasn’t apparent until Great Wave pulsing intervened to reveal reality as it is.

Unlocking our resistances at various levels of our spiritual, mind and body is an ongoing process that we need to allow in our lives as one of the only ways at these base arenas to open ourselves to change and be able to reset ourselves to the world that we live in today.  The more we can loosen our hold on what we think is a permanent concept of reality, the more we can start to live as flow in our lives.  This involves being in better connection within ourselves and living in the present instead of locking down on what we are and what we think is going on in the world.  

As I have communicated in previous essays, your free, pure attention and awareness can help start to transcend your concreteness in these arenas to see they may have served their usefulness at one moment, but may be inhibiting your expression because we can certainly try to maintain our hold on the way things have always been in our habitual existence.  

The Uncertainty that we seem to experience helps us to see that our attempts at certainty that is our fixed emotional mentality that is our life conditioning is what can keep us from the awakening to the “present” that is a direct reflection from our Conscious Presence.  Realizing the present can bring forth a more “fluid Flow” from Awareness Consciousness.  Since we practice from Principles in a collective expression this allows us to let go of what the reptilian brain says is the only way to handle an unpredictable, uncertain circumstance.

True personal growth is about transcending the part of you that is not okay with uncertainty and needs protection, we need to see that you are the one inside that notices the voice that is constantly describing everything you encounter and tries to control by having it fit in with your minds modeling through concept and buffering reality as it comes in so as to somehow make you feel safe by labeling with words and meaning.   

If this process is overriding simply being present then this distraction needs to be examined further so you can see through this habitual referencing of your existence and to a less filtered reality so you can see much clearer that reality is not a concept, reality has been constantly in our face since we were born as simply freedom existence with no extenuating buffering going on.

We have started dialogue in prior essays about Transparency or recognizing that in order for us to release ourselves from the obsessiveness of living as an ego contraction mentality we need to start to let go of anything that arises that seems to have our attention.  Most of what is arising is merely the mind chattering and again is shuffling and reshuffling information and experience but is caught in a loop and the way out is through it and transcend it, let go of the loop that you think your life is because if not, you remain its prisoner. 

To get to the point of seeing through the mirror to the universal eternal that you came to awaken to while in the finite physical one of the stepping points is to let uncertainty into the iron clad hold the ego loop has on your existence. 

Certainty is what all that is based on, nothing ever awakens because the ego mind doesn’t really know anything else to do, survival, is a good thing, but not if that is your absolute mo, it has no elasticity so you can see that the transparency of letting go of what you call your past is a way of coming to the edge, so to speak, of being on the center point of that balance, the Tao, so you can start to allow the universal eternal show you that it has always been one inner penetration with your existence, another level of awareness and consciousness is now being opened to so you can let go of the world so you can start to see reality as it is and always was and will be.

Peace is your reconciliation of your resistance to what is.,   Sincerely, Will Gable

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