WINTER 2024                  HIGH TECH HEALTH EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!!!!!!




        Go GREEN, The Best Far Infrared Saunas 


Another high quality addition to your health needs is THE THERMAL LIFE FAR INFRARED SAUNA.  This is a real gem of a product for you and your family’s health.  These units further help the body to naturally detox deeply the toxins we breath, drink and eat from our environment.  These high quality long lasting saunas emit no EMFs, have a company owned patented heating unit, are made from either poplar or hemlock which emit no toxins, have no plywood, have a sound system, red light therapy, and a 5 year warranty!!!!!

High Tech Health is offering these high quality units in three sizes.  1) one person  2) two person  3) three person,  but for a LIMITED TIME PROMOTION, THEY ARE GIVING A GENEROUS $500.00 DISCOUNT OFF ANY OF THE UNITS!!!  Talk to Tristan or Emily, very knowledgeable in this industry.

If you have any questions please contact me, Will Gable at 405-495-8128 or 405-921-6457 anytime and I will answer your questions and or send you information. Prices for saunas can be accessed from the website below, by using my name when you contact the company, you can get $500.00 discount.  Please call 1 800-794-5355 for updated offers from High Tech staff!


You can click on hightechhealth.com on the blogroll on the right of this site page, or just search directly on the internet, mention my name Will Gable to the sales staff for your discount, their number is 1-800-794-5355,  during the week M-F.  8-5PM PST.
Enjoy  your life with the addition of health which is the main intention of these high quality saunas,  Sincerely, Will Gable