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If you are living in the world of distractive duality as your primary reference to anything you relate to, you are most likely living from the ego/mind world of conditioning that has been discussed in the prior essays.  Looking at the world from the the front side of the two sided coin is what the world of conditioning looks like without any Awareness that you are Awareness.

If you never give any consideration to the conditioning that you have undergone over your time on the planet then you most likely live from that conditioned  view and never investigate the software that runs your operating system that seems to just be online.  The world of the objective, only what you sense, see and conceptualize as your existence is the out picturing of your programming.

This is fostered by the ego/mind and its myopic perspective of everything being black and white, high and low, light and dark and having to keep everything in tight control so that it has its veneer of duality innocently spread out there in the distant world of separation.  At its base this is what keeps it in control in its linear consensus reality view.

Seeing as most of humanity live from, assumes and passes on this model of reality, we remain the captive of this primal brain program that keeps us from our Divine Nature that is free from our mind/body identification in that “distance of everything has collapsed”, there is no objective world, or at least the mental framework that you see it through that you created to survive,  there is only one place and there is no separation there because there never was any separation, that is the game of the ego/mind/fear that the biological perpetuates as reality.

The understanding and transcendence of this mechanism is the only way we can awaken to its hypnotic trance to pierce the coin and allow the Unknown to absorb what is not, or the seeming mentally constructed world of the objective life.  Again, the conceptual framework has to collapse to even start to see with any Clarity what was created only to survive.  This takes great insight and courage to slowly go back the way you came for it is what most have based their lives on.

What needs to be seen is that you can’t go anywhere, there is no place to get lost, we can only return to our True Nature which is the Love that supports All, the ego/mind and its fear cannot understand the nature of Oneness so if it is strongly structured it will not open to this and it will not surrender to Not Knowing and will continue to struggle in the life stream instead of allowing non resistance to come to the fore front and breathe the breath of Flowing Freedom of effortless effort of I AM, non separation, your True Self.

Our study of the Art of Aikido is based in Principles that allow you from the beginning to directly experience non-resistance, non-conflict and non-harm, in experiencing these core Principles we start a process that will lead you to letting go of your struggle, these Principles transcend duality from the start of your practice.

They allow you to slowly inspect your own resistance and struggle with how your ego/mind “thinks” everything is.  The process slowly disarms the ego/mind and its struggle for control of everything and starts you on your journey of Trust, not only in the Principles, but a more core trust of yourself in relationship with others.

We need to open ourselves to Trust in order to see through what the ego/mind distrusts, this opens us to inherent Strength and Courage which may have been repressed because we, in the beginning,  were seemingly helpless and so we did the best we could in trying to survive the moment, and not sure in that sense what we were doing.

We have to have an initial doorway and these Principles offer us that opportunity to walk through slowly, open our minds and hearts and trust others to practice with us in an openness with our whole BEING to see the Oneness of Existence which before looked separate because the ego/mind was habituated in its practice of Distractive Duality modality.

Aikido Principles allow us to not get distracted by fear, since they are already in a place we cannot touch, we can only be guided by them and open ourselves to the trust that we experience in the consistency to step outside the supposed mental physical boundaries and discover the Presence that is our True Eternal Existence of Oneness.

Our opportunity to experience harmony, flow and oneness opens us to directly experience Love as our Intrinsic nature, not the love of another or something else, not two, Being Oneness.  The creation of one center of gravity even though it looks like there may be two allows one to be in the flow and experience directly the no separation of non-duality, no difference, only One.

Once you can experience this Oneness you will not want to practice Aikido at another level, the Wholeness you feel is what you want in all your life, it is as if you have realized that this Wholeness is the True Now, the doorway to your Original Face, that never was distracted by the unreal world of conceptual duality.

Sincerely, Will Gable




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