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We are celebrating the life and immense contribution to Martial Artists around the world of Master Karl Edwin Geis whose life was a major elevation of what the Martial Arts are in an evolutionary sense as well as the establishment of a world wide Spiritual Community of practitioners which he created and named the Fugakukai International Aikido Association.

Master Geis was a 10th Dan in Kihara Aikido, 10th Dan in Kodokan Judo, and 8th Dan in Shindo Muso Ryu Jodo.  The history of the FIAA can be found on

Sharon and I were in Houston for his service and to celebrate with all students past and present, we were also joined on our show the Edge of Truth by Doug Martin who spent some of the last days at the hospital with Sensei Geis and we all expressed some of our lessons and what he contributed to our lives.

Please listen to the above link we recorded in Houston, Will Gable



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