Through the practice of principle, kata(forms) and randori (free play), practitioners can learn skills of self defense through the principle of movement and highly efficient technical applications of kata to protect themselves effectively against an attack by off balancing the attacker and leading the attackers energy into techniques that neutralize and disarm the attack.

Aikido practitioners do not compete, this is one of the main differences in this martial art and most other arts.  Aikido is designed to lead the attacking force back to its source where it will appropriately collide with the attacker’s intention to harm.

Aikido is ideal for men and especially for women’s self defense abilities since it does not require kicking, punching, or the development of brute strength to defend oneself effectively.  Aikido develops self-discipline and self control so you can be in control.

Aikido practice develops a centered, harmonious and aware personality that can better handle daily stress.  Practice also helps develop high levels of coordination, balance and sensitivity that positively contributes to enhanced abilities in other body mind activities such as sports, dance, adding health and fitness to one’s life.

Contact phone*405-495-8128/ 405-921-6457. We have class on Monday and Wednesday evenings from  6:30-8:30 P.M. and 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM on Saturday.   The fee is $100.00 a month, no contract!  Thank you, Will Gable

We are located at 122nd and North May in the North Park Mall, enter the South entrance and come to The Obvious Group tinted sliding doors.  We are offering beginning to advanced instruction in Kihara Aikido and Shindo Muso Jyodo.  Contact numbers above.