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HIKARI AIKIDO DOJO/ CONTACT: 495-8128/ 921-6457

We teach quality martial arts of @KIHARA AIKIDO AND SHINDO MUSO RYU JYODO.  The monthly fee is $125.00, with no contract!  Session times are Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6-8PM and Saturday 11:30 to 1:30.  We are located at 122nd and north May in North Park Mall in the Obvious training center at the south end of the mall.   Thank you, Will Gable

“Spontaneous practice and living come from freeing ourselves from the mechanical conditions of existence, PRINCIPLE TRANSCENDS EGO.  Will Gable @2003

“We can finally find our home in the Heart of Aikido and relax truly into the path of least resistance where we can openly allow the essence to smooth out our concepts about anything and awaken to the Prescence of Love as our True originator.  Will Gable @2005

“So the information and consciousness that is being gleaned is transmitted via our kinesthetic sharing in which we are communicating on a multi-channel processing dialogue which is felt in the silent levels of intuitive guidance.”  Will Gable @ 2006

“Letting go of our possible addiction to have an “image” in the mind to think we are alive frees us from the reductionist viewpoint of linear consensus reality which allows us to start seeing through the eclipse of beliefs, conditioning, concepts that have shadowed our life obstructing our original, inner Spiritual Light Source Nature inherently flowing from the Heart of IAM.  Will Gable @2010

“If we live as if the NOW is between the past and the future, we are still living in and on linear consensus reality and think because we are being mindful we have awakened to the transcendent and vertical NOW.  Mindfulness is being aware of what possibly is in front of us, being awakened to the Prescence serves just that function.  Will Gable @2010

“As one awakens into the unknown, insight becomes ones mode of relationship and the mind may be held in abeyance only as a useful tool of consciousness as one transcends “what is not” in the each moment and is living from “what is”, as free attention, consciousness/awareness which is existence freedom from the primal conceptual mind set.  Will Gable @2010

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