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Once you have entered into personal investigation, opened yourself to self discovery through the process of allowing yourself to be realigned with Universal Principles, you can’t come here and do what you want to do.  The ego has its own world of values, purposes and payoff.  Through the practice of Principle we can move to the next level of allowing the moment to reveal what is.  This may not seem like much if you are expecting some spectacular experience, this is a base level approach to being open to the moment because if you are not at that level of openness you might not allow yourself to see the subtlety of where you really are, we seem to want instant gratification constantly.

Aikido is a deprogrammer and revealer of one’s true self and nature as Innocence, Spiritual rebirth.  Principles suspend egoic activity, we can’t see them, only experience them as they flow through us as Spiritual or Flow Awareness(Heart) to truly flow with what is, not trying to do a technique, but being Presence to what is from Spirit, Now Presence.

Staying calm, open ended Awareness, inclusive pems (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual), synchronicity, let go of your attempt to control and allow Isness to appear in the moment. This allows Transitions from ego, limitations, what you came with (fear/ not curiosity.) and starts to realize simplicity without stress of contraction and complexity.  For the most part, you are that complexity and as such this can make your life here a stressed out unconscious confusion.

When you quit trying to control and make things go the way the ego wants, your true power starts to come forward at an entrance level as relaxation, but, this is only the start, from there is a constant paying attention in a simultaneous awareness and attention of the external and internal and which aspect is attempting to decipher what is happening in that moment.

You could look at this at your attempt to balance the Tao within yourself, am I over the top Yang. contracted or way too slack Yin.  Since we are attempting to become more transparent in what we are truly doing to be honest with our input and actions, this can help to simplify moving more to internalization which will be revealing what tension obstructions we have internally and how they are affecting us externally to keep us stuck and resistant.

This can be a break over place where we see the promise of allowing centering, balance, and awareness to take over our practice which can be ongoing, not just on the mat, since the world is the mat eventually.  In practice sessions practitioners are becoming aware of where they are holding tension, people hold lots of unconscious physical tension, if we don’t let go of this consistently it will remain in our nervous and energy expression.

We have found moving slowly, softly and lightly especially in the beginning allows relaxation in dynamic motion to start to reveal how deeply entrenched unconscious physical tension is online because of being caught up in the sympathetic nervous system which for the most part is your survival system.

Nothing wrong with this as most people live their whole life from this survival mode and never get past it, but, we have found that through transitioning to the parasympathetic nervous system starts to help us reveal to ourselves what we are doing in respect to tension and resistance.  The parasympathetic is aligned with the vagus nerve or the wanderer.

The Principles that we have discussed help to more naturally align us with the parasympathetic and we can find a more natural path to reversing our path from the sympathetic to parasympathetic and start to have greater access to our internal workings and this is a huge step because we now are at a balance point to know the difference of say resistance and nonresistance both internally and externally.  Also, deep breathing needs to be an upper level priority since it also help you ground in the vagus nerve and established a solid parasympathetic connection.

Once we have started to make a shift from the external to the internal via these sensitivities of energy that is on more of a subtle recognition we can start to calibrate our frequency since we are practicing our energy frequency in relation to another consciously and subtlely.   In experiencing ourselves as well as all of life as a frequency we can step into a more subtle alignment with more insight into what and who we are and how we can relate from a different dimension than just the denseness of physical existence that seems to be more on the survival agenda.

Also, shifting to a more frequency orientation opens an important door of awareness in that we are not just stuck on doing the same thing over and over which has a numbing effect on us and we don’t change and worse we don’t think we need to.  The more we can step back and see ourselves with a little more clarity we have a chance to reassess our position which allows us to relax and start to let go of things that we keep doing redundantly that don’t serve us because now we are becoming more subtle and aware, which when we become more aligned with being a free awareness, then we start to see we are more than what we thought we were.

Being able to make this shift from the external to the internal is to step into the subtle world and like I stated above to experience our lives as a frequency, or how we are vibratory energy that can now be more internally oriented as I wrote in Your Intelligence, from Insight and Intuition.  Since we are fundamentally energy, light, frequency and vibration at our most core nature this can allow us to change easier because most people are so bodily aligned they don’t let go of thoughts, emotions and feelings that are keeping them in a very dense habit of their existence.

Practicing Principle can help realign us on many levels and especially when we practice face to face with another person who is attempting to do the same thing, we are immersed in a mirror practice so we can reflect what we are doing and see with a very similar direct feedback how Principles offer us a straightener for mind body so we can use our art to make more balanced, positive, centered choices and changes that further our growth in our understanding of our existence and what it is we are doing here.   Sincerely, Will Gable



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