Radiance, Revealing the Truth

Our nature is sourced from the Light, not just the external Sun, but the Light that is our animating source.  Radiance of Transparency can open us to Freedom of being unobstructed of set patterning of conditioning that keeps us in our internal lock down of habits and unconscious unknowing based on our life.  

As we move into more subtle levels of experiencing our existence many things are let go of, not only habits but people and situations that no longer fit the higher vibration you are emanating.  You will begin to be able to see the person or situation with more insight and clarity, that doesn’t mean you discard them, we are all attempting to to find our way home, this is where you stay in acceptance and inclusiveness, we are all one, it’s just that they aren’t vibrating at the level of frequency that we have realized.

As this process of the melting of one’s obstructions that no longer serve your “lighting up” are seen through only as calcified energy there may be more of a feeling of a pulsing wave as has been mentioned in earlier essays.  This is allowing us to be more in a flow disposition from letting go of structures of energy that have become overly rigid which may now reveal themselves to us by the Transparency of Light shining through the Radiance of Oneness.

The cells of the body/mind are being cleansed by the Radiant Oneness that we all exist in and from, its just that in the distraction of the world narratives there is much confusion in the form of cognitive dissonance, lots of people don’t know what to think or do in relation to the density of the world machine, many colored lights and stories distract one’s Attention and keep many in the external dance of the illusion of duality which can keep one off center and balance for a life time. 

We needed a structure of some sort to come to this finite, micro existence and so conditioned aspects became our approach to somewhat how we were going to function, even though we didn’t seem to have much control or input as we struggled to make sense of what we were doing with this body/mind that didn’t have much centering, balance, or coordination.  So, we had to come into our own interpretation of existence even though there was much input from wanted or unwanted sources who we really didn’t know.

As this was our worldly platform that seemed so real we noticed we became more enamored with our reflection in the mirror which led us into potentially seeing one level of our existence that we could hang onto in a consistent manner each time we viewed ourselves.   This was a revealing for us, but, also, that perception is what we may have either propelled us forward into an infinite expression or stopped our growth because we identified with it and we never allowed ourselves to live outside of it seeing as it was only a reflective moment in time.

This identification is one of our most major lessons because we see ourselves as this projection of whatever we call ourselves to be and this can become a lock down as where our orientation might become solidified even though it is only a momentary assumption.  To revisit the prior possibility of letting go of different aspects of our present existence as only seemingly solid energetic expressions of habit we can start to consider that if they are obstructive and destructive we need to allow ourselves to reorient ourselves as only the energy that seems to be upholding the pattern.  

If we can see our lives as a patterning then we have the opportunity to change the patterns since they were some at best random and reactive and not in a cohesion of harmony and understanding.  As Radiant Presence we have moved beyond the person in the mirror into what has always been but was muted by the surface level of the seeming external world of conditioning that we didn’t know anything about living in it.

The glass ceiling has at last become Transparent, that the Infinite Radiance was always our true source and we were are now waking to the Intensity of Oneness that was and is our true ground that shines the Light of Existence through all the seeming solidified patterns that we assumed was our identification.  So, to be absorbed into Existence down to the cell and to be burned in the Fires of Truth, to not be in a world and be of it, but to see the All in All as our home and legacy. 

The Radiance of Transparent Presence allows us to be in the world and know that we are not of it in our prior level of identification and opens us to the River of Transparency which now isn’t blocked, but flowing as the free flow that we always were and are but when caught up in the “Distractive Duality” of the world stage our Attention is caught in the net of identification with form whether internal or external and not being able to distinguish the difference and not see that our Essence is the resolution of the transcendence of anything that pulls our Attention back into the world scene and conceptually define that as Reality which is only a subjective projection  but seems to fit as how everything is which really is only the individual mind’s echo chamber of accumulated knowledge and conditioning which is of the world.

This can go on for a long time frame since the conceptual mind really wants to know what everything is as it defines and sees it and at a more synchronous moment of slipping past this momentum we start to allow this over structuring of existing into an allowing of our existence to be what is and live more from Beingness and not unconscious habit of trying to control the world because in a real sense it doesn’t exist, we realize we have been projecting the meaning onto it from our mind’s projective capacity and yet that is all that has been happening, but we were not Aware that the echo chamber was running the show.

As we continue to release aspects of the echo chamber whether they be random or maybe dominant we keep our Free Attention Awareness as priority, in some respects we are or can be a finely tuned tuning fork of Clarity if we do not allow any of the worldly wiring to be taken more seriously than our continued realization of our Universal Consciousness connection of our Free Nature that was never contingent on anything in this realm of existence.

So, if Truth is the Ground of Reality, all that is seen, heard, felt is only a subjective display of what we label as our personal perspective perception that we conceptually express that usually is only more of our habitual conditional sleep, then the only way to see through the illusions is to Let go of them as they seemingly arise so we can transcend into Reality which is not nameable as it is prior to all attempts to label and conceptualize our Pure Nature and Innocence which has been obscured by this realm of ignorance darkness and confusion.

In allowing our Radiant Nature to emanate forth and melt the supposed glass ceiling of the attempted structuring of ourselves and the world and try to hold it in a place of sedate comfort we find we have awakened to our true opening to re connection to the refreshment in the Light that was always shining at all moments revealing that we were never lost, only to see from the Primordial that we were upheld by Infinity which was a small shift in our Heart of Silence and its Simplicity to burn away the last remnants of the worldly conceptual illusions.  Sincerely, Will Gable

                                                                A Vision of Radiance, my sweetie, Sharon Quinn



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