Letting go of the Echo Chamber

It is truly hard for us to be free of what we don’t see ourselves doing, the dialogue that is a daily repetitious vocal in the minds of most people is like a ping pong ball bouncing back and forth in the echo chamber of our reverberating inner conversation, we can stay in a constant state of replication of whatever is distracting our attention at any given moment.

This every day constant redundant almost tape recorded session is a potential habituated statement that doesn’t allow much of any interruption so that someone might break through the cloud of distorted mind numbed confusion of cognitive dissonance.  When in this state of being assaulted by too much information and not making any solid common sense the individual may just give up trying to reason out what is that has one in a state of seeing too many alternatives and not enough conclusions.

Upon starting to realize that we have been deeply involved in our life circumstance to the point of knowing that what we are revolving in our mind is keeping us thinking that what we are locked into in our present perspective is exacting who we are and where we will always be.  And, in so doing, we can feel like we are comfortable in this dichotomy in that we may never transcend this conversation because it is only in the realm of the linear mind and that in most scenarios is only the basis of supposedly securing a foundation.

 In allowing this behavior to go on for decades of entrenchment we have let the repetition of the conversation become habitual and that tends to lure us into identification to a resounding echo in concert with the conditioning we experience day to day.  Gradually, we may notice the internal voice may have taken over as the thoughts about anything drown out any Free Attention that was always with us but we let the echo chamber of the mind dominate to the point of planing off and settling for a highly defined position that is frozen in its conceptual tomb.

In realizing we have allowed this disposition to have its hold and to possibly have the motivation to break up the conversation, we can first, reestablish connection with a much freer Attention, not easily given to the glitter world that might be in our eyes, what is distracting you habitually?  As you start to become Aware that you are Awareness instead of the daily echo, stand back in your Free Attention Awareness to see that you are this liberated condition, and that you always had it but life can tend to become dull and repetitive.

As this Free Attention reappears for you, new, creative ideas and thoughts can emerge, listen to that, it is one of the paths out of the echo chamber, your real abilities and insights may start to come forward which is the way we are, we can be mostly shut down until this spark inspires us and we start to break out of our eggo shell that has seemed to very comfortable.

As we break through some of what we thought we were, thoughts, emotions, perceptions and feelings, we can come to a realization that our existence here could be a lot simpler and the way life seemed before was way more complex and less flexible, adaptable, and elastic.  This can be a break over point in that we start to let go of what seemed normal into a much more creative, daily expression no matter what you are involved in in your actions.

My experience with this approach is to allow the differences to emerge without trying to force things to change, fresh insights and intuitions will start to guide you along in your discoveries and awakenings, we were all for the most part born this way, we are all free, creative and intuitive beings, some where we lost connection through different life circumstances and started listening to the echo instead of our core Self which is our Source Being which is at last simple, but, infinitely Awake and Aware and Now accessible from its Radiant condition as that is its Nature.

As we saw in the previous essay, Radiance, revealing the Truth, because we can tend to plane off in the bubble of the echo chamber we can assume there is a glass ceiling or limitation and feel we cannot go any further because it might seem so solid.  This can supposedly be built from our over conceptualization of living in the ego mind and not living free from our Original Nature.  The echo chamber can be seen through from your true insight and the glass ceiling was only a veneer assumption that we thought was Reality when it was the distraction of the reverberant, rechoing that had become our daily narrative.

Sincerely, Will Gable


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