The World is a Digital Pixel

As we enter the new age of technology that seems to be overwhelming humanity we can hardly tell the difference between our phone, tv and the computer screen.  They have all become a highly prized digital information source and we don’t seem to be able pull our heads out of them.  Our brains have tended to become digitized and we are immersed in a world mesmerized by a collective of millions of pixels that comprise the screen that you are viewing. 

It is as if the new screens on any of the technology are looking so real from a clarity viewpoint that is almost takes over our mental imagination abilities.  Seeing as the mind can function from a fantasy imaginative visionary state we can gather that most of our lives we are functioning pretty much in that condition of being able to create whatever we want and this makes it clear that we in our creation can subjectively project what we think is real in our minds onto the landscape of life.

If we continue in this vein of expression we might not be able to pull our free attention out of this circuit of relating to one another through a glass partition of many colored, alluring digital images that are in no way a relationship with reality.  This diversion into the seduction of fantasy has severe consequences as far as how we are not relating to each other even though there is a strong efficiency in passing along information in an instant.

This is one of the main benefits of these techno realms and as long as we keep it where it needs to be, we can use it to help make the business and financial realm not take more of our lives to have to keep us buried in distractive realms of paperwork that only take up our valuable time. 

As we can see humans are caught in the net of “the screen” and have seen people actually not know where they are walking and driving because of their being distracted caring so much as to what is showing up on their device that they almost think they are in their living room hunkered down on the couch even though they are moving around or driving under the influence of electronic imagery. 

We have been hacked and to a certain degree we don’t even know it and yet people seem to be living in this fog of electronic addictions and some actually have had to go through therapy to pull themselves out of this immersive programming that has slowly saturated their life.

As I talked about in my essay, External, Internal, Eternal lots of people are living in and on the external already even before they got hooked with the digital.  Living on this level the individual is existing even further from possibly being involved in their own life, emotions, feelings and having any awareness outside of their obsessions with the smoke and mirrors of all the electronic static that is all consuming.

If we can become aware of our involvement and see how to temper this tendency to be constantly over consumed to the point of our lives are more of a immersed mental pixel collage, then we might have a chance of pulling our pure attention, awareness and consciousness back from the world and not just the world but from this total dependence of having something so compelling that it has become one of our main ways to think and function in existence. 

The likelihood of this phenomenon going completely global is presently apparent but that doesn’t mean it has to dominate everyone, we can see this with chat gpt and others that are seducing large populations into turning their lives over to the hyper digital consulting possibilities that such inventions offer.  I am not saying that they might not be useful, only that they are a next level distractor following the pixel screens most are already involved with and that most likely will lead to further opening the door to the mechanistic unknown from their outcomes.

So, in our immersion in this realm of creation, we have allowed ourselves to become a digital pixel in our everyday life by not being aware that we are living from this illusion and thinking that it has anything to do with reality when it is only serving the function of maybe helping our survival tendencies to become more efficient by everything speeding up.  This realm is not reality, it has become a level of interface that has not been investigated thoroughly and is leading the whole planet into an electronic fog of being distracted and entertained.

At this point we can’t afford to be pulled down this rabbit hole in seeing the whole planet is in a huge field of cognitive dissonance and populations aren’t necessarily that up on these issues as they innocently accept the next techno gadget and the pace doesn’t seem to be slowing down. 

We need to keep staying aware and inspect whatever is offered from a decisive critical thinking skill disposition that allows us to keep a lot of this tendency at arms length seeing as the governments are sliding into the electronic money arena which is not a positive benefit for the general populations in that all that is is another version of the digital pixel, only within this possible CBDC is an absolute draconian dystopia of power and control of ALL aspects of anything we do in our everyday lives which will never stop!

Sincerely, Will Gable

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