Shift Monkey Mind to FLOW

As we continue our dialogue about our investigation about who we are, what we are, we may  discover a lot of the musings are related to our echo chamber reverberation. As we see our habitual life we can realize what we have been up to as everything becomes clearer.  Becoming more aware of mind’s tendency to randomly go in haphazard directions we can find that we may have no real centered focus.

This can indicate that we are a victim of the “monkey mind” which is a relative of the echo chamber in that their parent, cognitive dissonance is alive and has no consciousness or awareness that it is a sporadic episodic display of online confusion.

Monkey Mind to a degree has become one’s default even though that person may not be aware that this is their disposition of restlessness, indecision, and in general being unsettled mostly because the individual has not settled down to the point of seeing that they aren’t really coming to a point of originality, but are caught in a mimic state that has become constant and yet it seems familiar to them.

Monkey Mind can be very compelling in that it is in a repetitive circuitry and doesn’t seem to have a real, grounded, center, it seems one’ s Attention is easily distracted by whatever is in the external environment and will follow and replicate for example what someone just said, and will repeat it like they are the one that just came up with it.  I have seen this in different people who apparently don’t know they are involved in this parroting behavior.

This behavior can be very disconcerting to the people who are around it and know it is going on and yet the person who is caught in the mimicry, are most likely unconscious because they have been involved in it for so long they have no clue they are doing it.  Some people may know they are doing it because they seem to want to think no one could know more than they do and so adopt the mimic position of being the originator.

One of the ways that can be implemented to make the person wake up to their disposition is to get them involved in something they can’t change but have to practice, Principle. This can at least start to break up their familiar behavior of the Monkey Mind and help them see their behavior and start to question what they are doing and at least open the door to a more creative original dialogue and behavior.

As this Principled process takes hold Awareness of one’s actions becomes more pronounced because Principles operate from a much higher dimension than just one’s ordinary ego structure, it reveals what one is experiencing in the present, and opens the door to change and in this situation can allow profound shifts in one’s behavior and life, but only if one can let go of their atrophied energy patterns that can keep one from moving beyond their past,  unconscious circle of mimicry.  

To get to a more aware, centered place, one of being conscious of one’s behavior, as has been mentioned in prior essays, one can start to let go of the arising pattern and open ourselves to the realms of creative FLOW that come from the Neuroplasticity of periodic freedom in that the energetic nervous system has been temporarily suspended so there can be higher levels of creative input introduced into the overall energetics of a different possibility entering the lifestream.

Once this periodic freedom has been experienced change can become more consistent or at least available in that one is not as locked down and energies are less frozen.   For me, periodic freedom has come through long periods of principled, disciplined practice in martial arts, meditation and yoga, these aren’t the only ways, now though, it has been a daily experience of holistic, transformational growth in that FLOW is much more readily accessible because of the energetic neurology of tension and resistance has been internally cleared so now life has become a Flowing Clarity.

This process requires sessions of solitude to cut out the distractions of the world so a person can start to become aware of their involvement in repetitive cycles that they are identified with that is now who they think they are.  This is not therapy, but a process of self revealing in that these behaviors, whatever they are,  have become so entrenched in the fabric of the person’s life that they feel they are natural and prior to becoming aware of them there would be no consideration of change.

Monkey Mind has infested the population and Awareness and Consciousness are the opening to being free of any of life conditioning, brainwashing, and coercion that an individual has experienced.  We can be so identified with the confusion of mimicry that our creative potential has lost the centerpiece in our existence.  In facing this within we start to bring Consciousness into the forefront of our daily experience to let go of the patterns that have been so compelling and be reawakened to the Fires of Reality as it now moving through us to burn away the dross and pain of cognitive dissonance and find Peace in the Flow of Spirit.

Sincerely, Will Gable



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