Calmness of the Isness of Being

     Opening ourselves to the Isness of Being seems to exude a profound calmness that seems to have an eternal quality that never seems to go away.  It is obviously not a thing but a connection to our relationship with the Divine which seems to come into view, more like a high vibrational frequency that seems to lead us to its expression as IAM so we can KNOW ourselves in direct connection.

The Calmness quality seems to be a very immersive in that you don’t seem to lose it as it has a very solid feel and yet this can only be seen or felt by anyone in its environment as a vibrational frequency that can be very powerful and influential because it is not  commonly seen as the environmental society vibe depending on where you are, can be very imbalanced and chaotic.

We have been discussing in prior essays how we can get pulled into multitudinous distraction on many levels that pulls us away from just Beingness.  This realization of this facet of our nature can definitely be looked at as a raft that can be recognized as the Eternal that is always in place, so to speak, to be in communion that seems to be free of this dimension and yet fully involved in that it is always accessible from a vibrational relationship.

This brings us to the subject of separation, as long as we are assuming we are only a physical being we may not realize that that vision is only a vibrational frequency if we are to wake up to the realms of our existence beyond this seeming solidity.  To traverse this vibrational frequency would seem to be an underlying purpose for being in this dimension since we have come here to explore our inner and outer life.  This exploration could help us all to come to awaken to realize the Oneness that is our foundation and bring us into a more realized harmony both personally and on a worldly reawakening from a clouded history.

The Calmness allows us to be present in Prescence so that we are no longer taking things at face value.  This can take us through numerous levels of either delusion or truly waking up to being able to see through the situation no matter what it reveals.  How can Being be anywhere else?  Being is all there is.  The separative perspective is what is being discovered and disclosed  and Prescence is already here and the unnatural has been the prior focus.

The involvement of studying Aiki thru relationship with one another thru principles with no image of ourselves or others, we all disappear in the practice of moving meditation.  So, we can see thru others (become one/unity) because we practice relationship.  Thru deep trust even though we don’t know better.  And yet we are ultimately responsible for each other thru relationship.  So we can awaken to our freedom thru being one with responsibility for this ultimate relationship of infinite care.  Outcomes are derived from applied responsibility and consciousness on any level of existence.

The calmness allows us to settle into the Isness of the moment, not distracted by the questioning ego mind and its vast less questioning in the world of thinking it needs to know more and more of what it thinks is priority for our Attention.  Breathe into the NOW, the finite doesn’t rush out to be one with the Infinite, the Infinite simple includes it as already being its source.  When we lose our resistance to change, then we can.   Resistance to the energy of change CREATES STRESS and STRUCTURAL TENSION and helps reveal the internal TENSION that we hold unknowingly.

We find ourselves thru the doorway of Calmness in an endless immersion of Peace and Flow that at last isn’t given up for the conceptual machinations of the mind as it is consistently Transparent and is on the other side of what seemed so real in that we have now given up unresolved energy complexes and intellectual addictions that may have held us in trance but since the other side is the vastness of Pure Awareness we now see our Freedom in Truth, and not of this realm, as all of that is inclusive prior to any definition.  The mind arises at birth and is caught up in the web of time.

In order for us to get to the point of the connection of Beingness we need to again, let go of what seems to be an overwhelming experience that keeps us from being pulled through by the Calmness to what we are caught up in as what is looked at as normal.  That is an uninspected script that has become habitual and unless we can see through it from a realm that is not attached to anything we can remain in its time oriented enclosure of certainty. 

In a continuous realization that what we may have been involved in was basically a conditioned condition that we didn’t realize we were living.  Uncertainty has become an ally in that previously we were living from certainty that our ID was an absolute and now from continuous realization we see we can emerge each moment in the Freedom of Consciousness as it is the foundation of Beingness which exudes Calmness as its Nature.


Sincerely, Will Gable

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